Various Artists – From Israhell With Love

Ever wanted to know more about Israeli metal music and learn who are the best upcoming bands in the country? Then your luck has just ridden up on a muscular charger called From Israhell With Love. The album is a treat for all metal fans, its thirteen stirring tracks heralding bands steeped in the sounds of death metal, hard rock, classic metal, gothic metal, and thrash to name a few. There is something for everybody and more besides with what one has to say is a pretty strong and consistent quality line-up of artists no matter your personal preferences.

The CD and free download compilation is the combined work of GlobMetal Promotions (Israel) and V.A.-R.G. Compilations (Russia). GlobMetal founder Kostya Aronberg said when talking about the release “It is a new beginning. I really believe in music, and I think it can fix, what politicians use to break. The relationship between Russia and Israel are not so warm, and I think this compilation, that released in Russia can show all the world, that it doesn’t matter, what religion are you, or what everybody think on you, In the end we all humans, and music unite us.” Whether music can truly bridge that especially from just one extreme aspect of its expansive wardrobe can be debated but as purely a declaration of quality and varied metal it is a treat for who and where ever you are.

The album opens on for us the best track on the album though it is seriously rivalled once or twice as the album unveils its bounty. Onoma is an alternative metal band from Tel Aviv with influences from the likes of Alice In Chains, Korn and Meshuggah among others, and the perpetrators of an impressive and wonderfully stirring start to the album with their track Bug. The track is a bruising thrill borne of feisty riffs, contemptuous rhythms, and heated melodic intention. It takes no time in riling up the senses with incendiary guitar teases and predatory riffs under the direction of excellent vocals from Elad Koren. Fully infectious with provocative and thoughtful sounds it is a mighty creature which incited the need to find out more about the quartet before moving on.

From such a formidable start the fears that the album could expectedly have fallen into a lull were quickly quashed by the following tracks from melodic death metal band Arsenide and a hard rock band we already knew well and loved Metal ScenT. The first of the pair contributes their raging beast of a single Broken Angel, a track which without tearing down walls of the genre to open up new pastures stands tall amongst fellow genre bands whilst Hold On, a song from their album Homemade, easily shows why Metal ScenT is gaining strong plaudits since its release.

Alone In The Dark from power metal band Spiteful was a track which initially did not quite find a connection but within a few plays one found themselves with it lingering in the head after its departure, which is never a bad sign and it was always going to be hard to resist the great Debbie Harry like vocals of Maria Raven Burdelov anyway.

There was a couple of times where the album did not hold the attention but it was down to personal taste of the genre the bands walked, heavy and classic metal bands Switchblade and Loud N’ Clear falling foul of taste rather than from their sounds. On a compilation as varied as this that will always happen but the release offers such a cross section and crossover feel it is no issue overall.

The likes of impressive metalcore bands Bounded By Chains and Design Flaw keeps things raging with the first of the two another top pick of the tracks but the one song to equal the opening triumph of the album is Knife In A Gun Fight from metallers Shredhead . It a storm of ferocious punk driven thrash metal to ignite all combative tendencies. A track to induce whiplash it is a violation no one could or wish to deny.

Not all bands have been mentioned but that is due to space not quality and we have left them as treats for your discovery. From Israhell With Love is an excellent album bringing an introduction of possible new favourites for many whilst delivering great and satisfying sounds for all, and as it is free really you have no other option than to go spoil yourself.

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RingMaster 12/07/2012
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From Israhell With Love Track listing:

01. Onoma – Bug
02. Arsenide – Broken Angel
03. Metal Scent– Hold On
04. Spiteful – Alone In The Dark
05. Bounded by chains – End Of An Era
06. Dagor Dagorath – Heaven In Hell
07. Dead on Impact – Progress to Nothing
08. Shredhead – Knife In A Gun Fight
09. Switchblade – Metalista
10. Loud N’Clear – Runaway
11. Fatum Aeternum – False Freedom
12. Design Flaw – Humanity
13. Eyes Sewed Shut – Through Delusions

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