Primate: Draw Back A Stump

A brawling and bruising riot of hardcore and grindcore, Draw Back A Stump from Atlanta punks Primate is a no holds barred storm of satisfaction. It does not exactly rip up trees of originality but just flattens the whole forest with insatiable energy, formidable aggression, and an irresistible dirty infection.

Originally self released as an extremely limited edition the album has been remixed and remastered by Relapse Records and set up with extra bonus tracks. As much as limited releases have that added appeal, if you manage to grab one anyway, it would have been criminal for an album like Draw Back A Stump to have remained out of the reach of genre fans at large.

Primate is the unleashing of the combined talent of Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp, Mastodon and  ex-Lethargy guitarist Bill Kelliher , bassist Dave Whitworth (Timebomb77, The Despised and Otophobia), guitarist Mike Brennan (The Despised, Otophobia and currently Javelina), and drummer Shayne Huff (The Despised, Bloody Sods and Virulent Strain). The band is an all muscular cast of musicians steeped in extreme punk creativity and outstanding musical brutality leading to no real surprise as to how good Draw Back A Stump is. The album is not simply a harsh obliteration of the senses with the deepest attitude but a release which pulls in eager tendencies from stoner and sludge metal as well as some simple in your face punk. It is a feast of sounds which do exactly what they say on the tin, leave one grinning in an eagerly offered up pool of willingly given blood and sweat.

The title track ignites the riot with an immediate inciting bass riff and hypnotic beats whilst guitars stroke the ear with a caustic grin. It soon emerges as a mischievous stomp, its energy tempered as if sizing up and picking spots with its riled riffs and hungry intensity. Though a mere one and a half minutes it is an opener to light the touch paper for an inferno of passion every time, those fires further fanned by the following blistering Global Division. The music sets one up for the contempt and aggressive breath of the song, Sharp wonderfully forcing it through the ear with his unmistakeable scathing growls. As the song feasts upon the senses the band reminds of old UK punks Angelic Upstarts, Sharp delivering a similar attack and delivery to vocalist Thomas (Mensi) Mensforth.

The song leads immediately into Hellbound with the great rhythms of Huff directing proceedings and inviting the rest of the band to lay down a contagion of grooves and incendiary riffs for a direct pleasuring of the heart. As those before and all to follow the song is fully anthemic and in control of emotions and limbs from first note to last. With guitars scorching the atmosphere with blazing chords and sonic fallout the track is glorious something you have to tag the whole album as.

Tracks like Silence Of Violence with its distressed stoner rasp and the out and out rock roll dirt bowl that is Drinking And Driving continue the outstanding quality and variety to the songs, both a mesh of greed and antagonistic teasing from riffs and rhythms let alone the fine guitar enterprise of Kelliher.

There really are not enough words to say how enjoyable and gratifying Draw Back A Stump is. Ok it does not break through to build new boundaries for hardcore and punk but it hardly matters when the band do something much better than most other similar veined bands and openly different to what the members are recognised for.

Closing with more brawls called songs like Wasted Youth, Pride, and Reform?, the album leaves one desperately hoping there will be more from Primate which is the indication otherwise that would be another crime in the making.

RingMaster 03/07/2012

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  1. Ex- Mastodon???

  2. Finally got hold of a copy. Can’t wait to whack it on full blast!

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