Fist Full Of Lies: If It Wasn’t For This,I’d Still Have Everything

Explosively stunning the debut EP from post hardcore band Fist Full Of Lies is a startling arrival of a new and real force in UK rock music. Armed with all the essential punk tendencies and attitude you could wish for the Norwich quartet take the post hardcore genre into new exciting storms of sounds and quality. Fresh and eager the band is a breath of new inspiring air and the If It Wasn’t For This, I’d Still Have Everything EP the mightiest of introductions.

Formed in 2010, the foursome of vocalist/guitarist Ben Taylor, guitarist Sam Taylor, bassist Rikki Assuncao, and drummer Ash Griffiths took no time in gaining a responsive attention with a free download track in the same year and subsequent sharing of stages with the likes of Atlas & I, Mishkin, Evarose, Everything Burns, Mallory Knox, and Depth. Taking influences and inspiration from such bands as Alexisonfire, At The Drive-In, Deaf Havana, Avenged Sevenfold, Gallows, and The Bronx, Fist Full Of Lies have forged their own sound and distinct identity which not only sets them apart but fires up the expectations that the band will be a major player in defining future UK rock music.

From the start the EP slaps the senses to attention with the hungry Curses. From a prodding of guitars the song erupts into an agitated brew of plaintive vocals, their delivery as expressive and open as the feisty sounds surrounding them. The beats of Griffiths are like steel jabs, clean yet dominant whilst the bass of Assuncao prowls with a menacing presence amongst the crashing riffs and evocative melodic enterprise. The song courts the ear with heated suggestion and enthused energy to make for a striking and excellent start to the release.

The great start though is shown to be just the beginning as the following I’m Jack’s Lingering Regret stands beating its chest with even greater invention and irresistibility. Thumping rhythms take charge first as the guitars and bass crowd the ear with expansive and beefy sounds. Soon joined by a hypnotic melodic hook to drool over, the song stalks the senses with a punk confrontation to the emerging emotive air. Vocally Ben Taylor is impressive and already marks himself as one of the best new voices to be unleashed this year, his delivery and control a perfect compliment and foil to the sounds and lyrical intent.

Waiting steps up next to keep things just as tight and explosive as those songs leading to its entrance. The track is an unpredictable riot of thought and expression from all departments and with a dual vocal attack at times it ruffles the ear with a rawness which ignites an even deeper enthusiasm for the band. The song alone shows why the band stands out from the crowd, its imagination and desire to venture down initially disguised avenues and enflame the passions as it goes with an anthemic intent is sheer quality.

If It Wasn’t For This, I’d Still Have Everything finishes with Bitterness Got The Better Of Me, a dramatic and dynamic closure to the release with as much ferocity in its bristling walls as arguably on the other songs combined. The track leaves the senses ringing and desperate to feel the force of Fist Full Of Lies immediately again, impassioned and unforgettable its departure the instant trigger for another thrilling engagement.

Fist Full Of Lies has surprised, their sudden and impressive presence from out of nowhere for most of us an unexpected gift and the reassuring declaration that British rock music is not only in safe hands but inspired ones.

RingMaster 03/07/2012

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