Chamber: City Of Seven Hills

We do not get a lot of music come our way from India but when it does make an appearance it is rarely disappointing and often quite superb as is the case with the new single from Chamber. A magnificent captivating blend of progressive metal and rock, City Of Seven Hills is quite simply outstanding and a deeply impressive teaser for their debut EP planned for later in the year.

From Guwahati, Chamber consists of vocalist Bhargav Talukdar, guitarists Dishankan Baruah and Aditya Bordoloi, bassist Shan Singha, drummer Sandeepan Baruah, and Writam Changkakoti on keys. Formed in 2010 the band creates music which wraps itself around the ear with the gentlest of caresses but a power and craft which leaves one energised and enthralled. Technically and inventively though not so much in sound the sextet remind of Motherjane, both bands the most accomplished songwriters and producers of ingenious melodic beauty.

City Of Seven Hills opens on a lone guitar which instantly mesmerises and as the warm breath of the song from keys and atmosphere envelopes the ear there is an emotive energy which captivates. Scorching guitar play lights up the ambience before making way for the excellent vocals of Talukdar to bring the lyrics to life. The song is about their home city Guwahati, ‘where people migrate in search of a better life but many of them have to shut their pain away to survive everyday.’ It is deeply and strikingly powerful in word and sound creating the passion and depth of emotion in a stunning portrayal which is impossible not to immerse within.

As the song evolves it explores and creates textures of sound and emotion beautifully, the keys persistently inspiring an dramatic atmosphere punctured and driven by commanding yet reassuring rhythms. The guitars venture into plateaus of invention which dazzle and are easily matched by the unexpected progressive exploration mid song, its entrance a surprising and thoroughly enjoyable piece of imagination.

City Of Seven Hills is wonderful and as mentioned the perfect invitation to the forthcoming Chamber EP. But do not take our word for it as the band has released the track as a free download so go and hear the proof of our words.

RingMaster 30/06/2012

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