ID:VISION : Destination Cybermind

Destination Cybermind the latest album from Belarus metal band ID:VISION is a release which enthrals and confuses whilst surprising and inspiring. It is a mighty fusion of sounds which makes getting a handle on the intention and direction of the album challenging at times, it is without doubt though one very enjoyable storm of extreme metal.

    ID:VISION seems to be tagged from extreme industrial to industrial black/death metal  which gives evidence to the diversity of their sounds and imagination. Their music is extreme, it is metal but from that point it is simply a maelstrom of invention and widely inspired sounds. The Minsk  septet formed in 2002 as a black metal band called Desecrated but as the subsequent years saw member changes it also brought changes in direction and sound. Firstly they became Iratus Dominus and in this guise explored a more intense and complicated sound with distinct black and death metal veins. Their debut album Dispatch the Incarnation of God arrived at this point in time to a strong response but 2006 saw another change as the band opened up the doors of experimentation. The band became ID:Vision and their creativity expanded into varied extreme metal and electronic genres. The first album in their new breath came in 2008 in the shape of Plazmadkaos, this was followed by the X-ray Sun EP the following year both to increasing acclaim as has this their newest offering.

The intro Enter the Cybermind opens up the album with a striking and mesmeric disturbed air. With an Eastern kiss the piece seeks out every synapse to an abrasive yet compelling effect, its energy a perpetual lure across the electrified surface. The track merges into the titanic assault that is Human Hazard. Guitars seize and twist the ear into eager submission with misshapen melodic enterprise and crushing riffs whilst the rhythms batter the senses like a raging storm, unrelenting and persistent. Electronic whispers seep within the intensity and vocals squeeze every ounce of venom from their delivery to scorch every surface they fall upon. The song is quite simply immense, a vicious yet contagious violation of extreme metal with industrial and melodic metal explosions.

A blend of stylish electro and ravenous dehabilitating metal shoves its way in next with Zarathustra XXI . Carrying a symphonic air to its monstrous weave the song lights up emotions as equally as it leaves them numb and breathless. As its predecessor the song is a continually shifting mesh of sounds which entwines itself securely and deeply within the senses, the aftermath of its assault a shell shocked but deeply satisfied heart. It is hard to fully capture the intention of the song due to its unsettling tenure within the ear but it is dramatically impressive to say the least. Extreme metal to industrial majesty the song leads one on a dazzling journey with the greatest rewards if not complete understanding.

The likes of Eschato-logics with its distorted almost hard rock tendencies wrapped around a spine of industrial technical deathcore venom and the corrupting devastation of the title track poke and intrude on every level but only leave full pleasure and eagerness for more in their wake. Vocally the album as on this latter song writhes through the most malicious bile soaked delivery onto caustically scathing tones and unsettling clean beckoning. Everything though upon the album is unpredictable and perpetually startling, not always successful but always the fullest conspirator of intrigue and absolute attention.

Despite whatever works personally or not Destination Cybermind is outstanding, an album which continually evolves with each audio and emotional partnership. Primal and nasty, sophisticated and ingenious, the release is one staggering concussive slab of metal and ID:VISION one of the most exciting bands. What they will conceive next no one can guess and expectations are pointless. All one can rightly assume is it will be something mighty and engrossing whatever its life.

RingMaster 28/06/2012

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