Pat The Human: Eternal Jamnation

Dallas quartet Pat the Human play energycore, which basically means they just bruise and beat up on the senses with the deepest glee and unbridled aggression. Whether it is an officially recognised genre who knows as there seems to be a new one breaking out with every other release these days and it really does not matter anyway, no labelling does. What is important is the knowing that Pat The Human is one mightily powerful and impossible to escape from, once their intense and creative sounds take a hold, storm of expertly created noise.

The band has just released their new EP Eternal Jamnation and it has to be said it is a release which is hard to ignore. Following on from their single From Pariah, Up of last year and the 2008 album Bruteforce, the new release is an extreme assault on the senses. Brewing a compulsive mix of metalcore, hardcore, and electro metal though that still leaves elements unspoken, the band leaves no musical stone unturned or unexplored to create a challenging but rewarding experience.

The EP opens with arguably the best track Saiga The Bull, a piece of muscle which persistently punches you in the face from its opening notes right through to its departure. With destructive riffs slicing the air like a thousand samurai swords and rhythms re-enacting the Dambusters it is an extreme assault from the start. The vocals are as venomous and caustic as the melodic scything which emerges throughout the track aiding and reinforcing the unrelenting pressure. The song then adds something unexpected to the continuing assault in the shape of excellent clean melodic vocals and sound. What is great is it arrives without depletion or change in the continual assault at all just comes in alongside. It is like an onlooker deciding he wants a piece of the action too, an interloper from the crowd putting a less forceful boot in alongside the original bullying instigator. The song is outstanding and a feast for all extreme metal fans.

The following America (Re)Evolution continues in the same vein but with an electro/trance metal pervading atmosphere behind the brawling storm beneath it. The track is arguably less forceful with a fuller melodic vein rupturing within the song though it is no less intrusive and impactful than the first.

The title track has an even more leak of melodic invention to its hulking body and the band  brings a continuing varied breath to their release. With all their songs it is still a rugged treatment of the senses but with a more defined and open core. To be fussy the production could have been better as it feels a little muggy sound and atmosphere wise but it is a small complaint on a track which is very addictive and maybe sneaks top honours after all. The guitar work is excellent as are the drums but the bass steals the spot with its intimidating predatory tones and presence. The gang vocals are excellent and all in all it is a song which could make the breakthrough for the band.

The closing pair of Young & Dangerous and 2K Situations do not skimp on the violent contact and intrusive intent, their insistent demands energy sapping and ear demanding but again with great reward. The first of the two is chaotic but that just adds to the crushing effect as does the inspiring guitar play which only intensifies the bruising the rest of the song delivers. The second song is probably the less remarkable on the release though it still finds the band outshining a great many other bands of similar intent.

If extreme metal with the aggression and intensity of a hundred tornados and the melodic sonic scorch of an exploding sun is your idea of fun then Pat the Human is a must check out band for you and with Eternal Jamnation being available for free from their bandcamp profile the only regret you will have is from not going to get your free destruction.

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