Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux: Mother Of Girl

Half way through the year and I guess we all have some serious contenders for single of the year already but now we have a release which puts all others so far in the shade. Mother Of Girl from Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux is quite simply a delicious and irresistible frenzy of infectious persistent riffs, bone resonating rhythms, and irrepressible energy. Playing their self tagged and apt fuzzabilly, the quartet from London has unleashed a single which is inspiring and evidence that there is still a fresh and eager heart to be found in music, most importantly though it is so damn catchy.

Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux first came to notice in 2008 with their track Mrs Madam which grabbed the enthused attention of Steve Lamacq at BBC 6 Music. What followed was success in unsigned competitions, a tour with Dodgy, and more success with their debut single Smile Now Lady. 2010 saw the acclaimed release of their first EP Fuzz Candy which from its release party led the band into a monthly residency at the Death2Disco Club. In an ever building wave of attention the band released their again well received second EP Draw The Curtain last year from which the new single is pulled. The song accompanied by a new track is destined to elevate the band even further as the country and further afield wake up to one of the most exciting and exhilarating bands to emerge in recent years.

Mother of Girl opens with the prompt “Go on take off your clothes”. Well not wishing to be rude it was done though it is hard to know if it added to the pleasure but it was quite liberating. The song opens with twin scuzzed up guitars buzzing around the ear like mischievous hornets soon joined by thumping beats and excited eager vocals. The track evolves into a garage punk feast of insatiable tendencies to match the lyrics and makes it impossible to not take part in its salacious energy and sounds within the first minute. With an anthemic cry for the secret desires of many…hmmm just me?…the song is a teasing swaggering romp for the heart. With veins of psychobilly and dirty blues the song is immense, it is quite simply  one of the best things heard in a long time.

Alongside Mother of Girl the release treats with Law Breaking Blues, a track confirming the diversity of the band as offered on their previous releases. The song is a shadowed blues soaked rockabilly pleasure for the ear. Opening with a great emotive blues harmonica and effected vocals the song sets a back street corner atmosphere lit by a single lamp. Once the image sets in the song then erupts into a blistered rockabilly stomp bringing essences of The Cramps into rampant league with Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers and Batmobile. With a plaintive blazing guitar throughout and perpetual pace changes the song is a stirring and incendiary piece of rock n roll.

The quartet of Shimon Joseph, Const Groenert, Greg Gold, and Alex Allen, has truly awakened 2012 with Mother Of Girl, and with an EP recently recorded ahead its anticipation is truly ignited. Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux is our new favourite band, they are just waiting to become yours.


RingMaster 20/06/2012

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4 replies

  1. Im sorry but i really do now agree with this. The track is highly unoriginal, and quite frankly, shit.

  2. Quite frankly Greg the only shit is in your ears.

  3. This song roocks! One of DiRT Showdown’s soundtracks! Plain awesome!!!

  4. Also in soundtrack of Cockney’s Vs Zombies! Also awesome!

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