The TenFiveSixty: Do This For Me

Pulsating and thoroughly absorbing the debut single from electronic/indie trio The TenFiveSixty,  is a vibrant and mesmeric treat for the senses. Do This For Me is a song which lights up the air with an expansive enveloping breath of melodic warmth and magnetic harmonic energy.

Formed by Jen Bailey and Rik Hornby the band found its seeds sown when the pair met in a deserted music shop. Finding a mutual understanding and sharing thoughts and feelings about bands and songwriting they began working together and The TenFiveSixty was born. Drummer Seb Sternberg came in on drums to bring the band up to a three piece and soon they grabbed acclaim and attention with the track Killer’s Son which was released as a free download earlier this year. Released through Giant Haystacks/Fierce Panda the new single is sure to trigger the same reaction and invite a fuller and louder acclaim.

Opening with programmed beats reminding immediately of Fad Gadget and early Mute Records, the song soon brings in a beckoning guitar and the excellent voice of Bailey. With a littering of atmospheric touches and sounds the song moves into a stroll as it lifts the energy and pace to an insistent. The voice of Bailey is wonderfully emotive with the music surrounding her offering an equal passion and emotion. Once in its full stride the song finds a keener mesmeric caress as it wraps its melodic weaves around the senses, the warmth and radiance from voice and synths subtly infectious.

Accompanying the single there is a remix of the single by San Diego indie rock/noise pop band, Crocodiles. The band twists the song inside out with Bailey emerging from behind an electrified scuzz of haunting sounds and blistered melodic energy. The track is a great interpretation of the single, a distinct variant and certain equal to the original.

With an album in the works, Do This For Me is a great invitation and taster for The TenFiveSixty and the future release. With its warmly crafted soundscape and inciteful energy there is a great blend of drama and emotion wrapped within the hard to refuse invitation to move your body and heart. The single also makes the wait for more from the band impatient and the finger trigger happy as it hits replay persistently.

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