Caan: Into The Night

Not so long ago we were introduced to Caan through previous single Every Little Thing, a song which swept one up in a soaring electronic atmosphere and darkly infectious tenderness. Caan Capan, formerly of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, now returns with new single Into The Night to further provide mesmeric evidence of his fine composing and songwriting ability.

The single is inspired by the formative years of Caan when he listened to UK garage. On it he employs cavernous and ambient arenas of sound wonderfully meshing them with distracted beats and expansive melodic weaves for a full presence.

Released June 11th through Camouflage Recordings, the single pulls one into its depths with a subtle infection and swarming breath of crystalline melodic dazzles. The track offers a suggestion it will erupt into a lively piece than it is but the song is still fully effective and invasive with its enveloping mix of drone inspired energy and pulsating hypnotic synths a pore consuming warmth. Though the song does not light up the ear as much as its predecessor it still treats and spoils the senses with music to feel and absorb with eagerness. It also welcomingly lingers long after its departure to ignite the wish to hear and discover more from the artist.

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