Reform The Resistance : The Truth Is Dangerous


Sometimes when a band creates a truly eclectic album the collection of songs can become an entangled but unconnected aural web which leaves as much confusion as pleasure. US melodic rock band Reform The Resistance with their debut album The Truth Is Dangerous is a fine example of how it can work and though at rare times the album does venture towards that uncertainty the Nashville based trio overall has created a release which cleanly impacts on the ear, emotions, and thoughts.

The band emerged from the ashes of Phoenix band Justifide which contained Reform The Resistance vocalist/guitarist Jason Moncivaiz and bassist Sambo Moncivaiz. Within two years of the demise of the their former band the duo returned with Reform The Resistance in 2007 with the skills of drummer Ryan Dugger brought in to complete their new vision. There was no rush to the creativity, the evolution of their ideas and sound allowed an organic pace and emergence. The following year saw the band release the …And It Begins EP followed by tours throughout Europe and shows in the US. Once touring finished the threesome began working on The Truth Is Dangerous, completing it in October 2010. Produced by Jason Moncivaiz and recorded in his own studio, the album found its way into the attention of Wuli Records through Doug McBride of Gravity Studios where the album was mastered. This led to the release of the album last year to seemingly constant acclaim from all who discover its charms. With the quality and fine invention of all  eleven songs contained within its walls it is no surprise the amount of positive and eager responses it has been receiving, the album being fresh, unpredictable, and most of all openly satisfying.

As mentioned The Truth is Dangerous is brazenly varied bringing to mind the likes of Deftones, Radiohead, Mutemath, Snow Patrol and more. The sound though is distinctive to Reform The Resistance and despite the multiple flavours heard their invention ensures there is never a moment the album truly sounds like someone else and whilst musically they employ various shades of rock from electronica, R&B, punk rock and hip hop to name a few of the spices permeating the whole album everything is a seamless blend.

It opens with the melodic punk fuelled Kill Lies, an eager and formidable track of bristling energy and welcoming anthemic breath. With warm harmonies wrapped around the pulsating muscle of the song the track riles up the ear with a taste of punk to whiffs of hardcore and a rap punk intervention reminding of the likes of the Kennedy Soundtrack. By its end the impressive opener has the ear eager for much more.

Next the band with Tonight We Ride brews up a powerful melodic rock storm. It is restrained in intensity but powerful in emotion and irresistibly captures the imagination with further anthemic strength and compulsion. This is the first twist in the distinct diversity the band brings to the album though it is a nearer companion to its predecessor than later tracks are to their side by side playmates.

Preceded by an expressive instrumental in Depressed But Alive, the enchanting Starlight with a Coldplay like essence and the electronic lined Are You One Of Us Or Are You One Of Them proceed to light up the senses. Both are completely different but both mesmeric and easy to find a connection and rapport with. The latter of the two is an ever shifting piece of invention sweeping from its electro metal like entrance through a melodic release of the heart into a stirring and decisive pleasuring of the ear.

Best song on the album is Mercy In Blood, a song offering an aggressive and striking intensity without losing any melodic and touching harmonic infection. With a distorted finish to energy and sounds the song is a fully engaging and surprising pleasure and is as removed from other tracks as it is their eager companion.

The album brings further good moments as in This Present Darkness and If I Can Survive but it does fail to reach the earlier heights again before it takes its leave. The great variety relinquishing the previously firm connection between the tracks compared to previously. Overall though The Truth Is Dangerous is an impressive album with Reform The Resistance surely on the verge of making a distinct and lingering mark.

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