Tricorn : Self Titled

The debut self titled album from UK stoner/rock band Tricorn is quite simply a cauldron of sweaty low slung throbbing riffs and beefy rhythms drenched in a scuzzed veined blanket of intense stripped to the bone essential rock. It is also rather tasty and a compulsive slab of adrenaline fuelled rock n roll to lose oneself within with great satisfaction.

Formed in 2008, the Portsmouth quartet of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Paxo Dyne, lead guitarist Constantine Droutsas, bassist Rob J., and drummer Simon Lopez according to their bio take influences from the likes of Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Alice In Chains and Queens Of The Stone Age. To that you can add flavours that come from similar gene pools as bands like Black Tusk, contemporaries Desert Storm and even Orange Goblin. Their music is not particularly demanding but consistently fully absorbing and a sound thick in intent and honest invention. At times the album suggests the band has yet to find their true voice but with a release that is so mighty and pleasing it is impossible to be anything but complimentary.

Released June 11th through their own imprint Need Sleep Records, the album immediately marks the senses with opener Step Outside. With a music box intro the track slaps down some muscular riffs to wake up the dead whilst throwing down simple but very pleasing torched melodies and gruff vocals. The track has a live essence devoid of unnecessary frills or wastefulness which is maybe not surprising considering the album was recorded in a mere six days but makes for a release that is loud, almost bullying, and real.

As good as the first track was the following Give Me Some More hits the mark even more accurately and deeply. The song raises heat and dust with a dirty insatiable groove and glorious overweight riffs to rile up the senses even more than the opener. Bruising and insistent the song is a mighty infection and the highest peak in a series of highlights which marks the album.

An intimidating strength and intense breath marks The Therapist whilst the rampant Where Did It Go crowds the ear with alcohol soaked melodic surges and chunky forceful riffs, both songs continuing the impressive sounds and power of the release with sure and skilled craft. The songs and album do not try to mesmerise with fiery shows of artistry or over played style but simply fires up attention and satisfaction through uncomplicated but irresistible southern rock n roll majesty.

The excellent Life Again inflames the passions with an enveloping sinister presence which leans on the ear with a menacing darkened groove and badgering riffs, its bulky energy more laid back than previous tracks in a confidence that it will capture its recipients fully. The grooved crush of Crawl and the slight Danzig toned Girl Lets Ride further lead the senses down avenues of feisty raw riffs and low tuned guitar pleasure to make the album an event to savour.

Closing on the beautifully oppressive and irrepressibly grooved Momentum, the album leaves one full to bursting with angry distorted riffs and tumultuous dark energy. It carries no pretence or thought other than to rummage through the heart with the heaviest and most fulfilling sounds. Tricorn have produced a must have release for a sure to have enjoyment.

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