Watch The Given Motion’ Acoustic video of ‘Don’t Blink’ now

New York’s new rockers on the block have revealed an acoustic video to coincide with the single ‘Don’t Blink’ that they’re giving away for absolutely nothing.  The Given Motion are a compelling up and coming band who are emerging from the urban jungle of New York with ferocious guitar led anthems that are brilliantly written.  

For those of you who haven’t come across them yet, The Given Motion is about change and moving forward, not just in the music industry, but everywhere. People that hear their music aren’t just impressed by catchy hooks, but inspired to go make something in their lives better, to “Give Motion”. You won’t find them dragging you down with songs of angst and futility, even the darker songs convey the message of motion. 


Watch ‘Don’t Blink’ (Acoustic) here: 

Download The Given Motion‘s track ‘Don’t Blink’ for absolutely nadda here:

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