Niko: You’re So Boring

The second single from her second album, You’re So Boring from Seattle girl Niko leaves no doubts about the vibrant and impressive talent mesmerising the ear. Warm infectious and darkened with an atmosphere only a woman scorned can conjure the track is an irresistible piece of songwriting and its striking realisation.

With a multi cultural heritage and an informative life constantly infused with music Niko (Nicole Vergel de Dios) from her early years was never far from a piano, choir and performing. By sixteen she was singing at prestigious jazz festivals across the US with her prize-winning High School Band before winning a scholarship to New York’s prestigious New School and Thelonious Monk Institute. As her contributions to others tracks and her own recordings emerged she was signed by UK label Grand Central Records which led to her debut and critically acclaimed Life on Earth album in 2004. The release featured her first work with producer Andy Turner, aka Aim. The following year Niko and Aim began their own imprint, ATIC Records giving them a freedom to their creativity and control. Jump forward and last year saw the arrival of her follow up album Hate & Love and again the recipient of much acclaim. The release was rich in invention and instinctive creativity, the stunning fruition of a musical experience and maturity evolved through her previous years.

Succeeding first single from the release The Daddy Remix, the new single brings a darker and almost intimidating edge to it. You’re So Boring is a provocative release of energy, thought, and pent up emotions. From the opening beats and harmonies the ear pricks up and as soon as Niko accompanied by a stark bassline, begins unleashing her thoughts the song truly captures the imagination. Once it explodes into electronic pop crescendos posing as a chorus the infection is rife and full. The blend of the pulsating and eager pop sounds and her plaintive declarations works perfectly and with added electronic dazzles and jazz inspired keys the only result is splendour.

The emotive stomp is the perfect doorway into the heart of Hate & Love but even more so into the imaginative talent that is Niko.

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