The Charm The Fury: The Social Meltdown EP

The debut EP from Dutch metalcore band The Charm The Fury is an immense release that the more you listen the more impressive and satisfying it gets. Initial contact with The Social Meltdown EP is a stirring and aggressive pleasure that awakens the senses but it is with a few more persistent visits that the release fully offers up all its qualities and absorbing strengths. It is an instant treat that is also an increasingly fulfilling experience with each and every subsequent contact. The scary thing is the release easily suggests the band is not close to their creative peak yet to promise even greater and stronger notable moments yet to come.

Formed in 2011, the Amsterdam the quintet has already successfully shared stages with the likes of Textures and While She Sleeps. With a show with Unearth amongst others on the near horizon they have in a short time firmly caught the attention. It is easy to get carried away with debuts and shout out about the future from one release but The Social Meltdown is that impressive without being perfect that it is impossible not to expect and to anticipate some remarkable moments ahead from them. Consisting of vocalist Caroline Westendorp, bassist Lucas Arnoldussen, drummer Mathijs Tieken, and the twin guitars of Mathijs Parent and Rolf Perdok, The Charm The Fury leave one enthralled, breathless, and eager to feel more of their aggressive and creative hard sounds. The band brings a firm understanding and obvious skill in how to combine softer melodic aspects of music to intense and uncompromising sounds without spoiling or depleting either. There are many bands emerging with similar talents and ability but The Charm The Fury offer a striking undefined element as well as one of the more impressive vocalists to excite the ear.

The title track opens up proceedings and with no respect for formalities incites a riot within the ear with raging riffs and rampant rhythms plus the coarse tones of Westendorp blistering the flesh. The song surges with a caustic resonance and antagonistic intent to light up the senses easily. Instantly it is evident that this is metalcore with freshness and vibrancy that is rarely heard, a mesmeric light and dark pulsating swarm upon the person. For all the great sounds from the band behind you cannot move away from the skill and excellent voice of Westendorp, her ability to bring bone scraping venom and intensity in her delivery with a fine clean and radiant alternative is startling. The opener does not fully show her range and diversity concentrating more on her malevolent side but the following songs soon unveil more.

Virtue Of Leadership is a more intricate song with the guitars bringing more involved and diverse directions within its wall whilst still pummelling with commanding drums and a stern bassline. The melodic guitar play is impressive and at times dazzling as it opens up the track even further to make an eager companion rather than alternative to the tumultuous riffs and energy. The fullness of the clean vocals alongside her coarse attack lifts the song further though as with all the songs it is an aspect of and not the overriding thing which is important for its success. Westendorp reminds of Krysta Cameron from Iwrestledabearonce at times though with a stronger control and variation towards the even mix of aggression and smooth delivery.

The rampant Family Values continues the triumphant sounds as the release just gets better and better. The song is outstanding and riles up the emotions further with its intelligent songwriting and intrusive sounds. With the remaining brilliance of Dirty South and Bridges completing the release it is hard not to go overboard in praise but truthfully it is deserved with maybe only a similarity across the surface of the EP despite the inventive diversity beneath, the only thing one could offer up as not quite spot on yet and thus the promise of greater things ahead. Dirty South and Bridges both thrash about like wild stallions, muscular brewing power with a grace and class within that sets the band out from most other metalcore/hardcore bands. Dirty South alongside Family Values is the best track on offer though ask tomorrow and it might be another, The Social Meltdown that even in pleasure.

The Charm The Fury with their debut has announced themselves as a band on a sure rise to becoming a truly notable one. They and the EP are immense and deserve as much attention as they surely will get.

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