Bible of the Devil: For the Love of Thugs and Fools

Returning with their sixth album For the Love of Thugs and Fools, Chicago rockers Bible of the Devil bring nine slabs of honest and eager rock n roll which cruise the senses with a scorched exhaust plume of impressive guitars and a blistering hook laden tread. Looking for a release to soundtrack your whiskey soaked, rock fuelled party than you could do a lot worse than sticking on For the Love of Thugs and Fools.

Formed in 1999 Bible of the Devil has taken their classic rock powered sounds from their volatile environment Chicago around the US and Europe as well as bringing them to the world through their previously acclaimed albums and releases. The new album, their first since the 2008 release Freedom Metal has its unleashing on May 8th via Italy based label Cruz Del Sur Music. With songs inspired by and a ‘document of the many characters they have encountered through the life of the band, whether it be in love, loss, friendship, or hatred’, For The Love Of Thugs And Fools is a boisterous and openly accessible collection of songs that lifts the emotions and raises the spirits with ease. There is nothing new to the music offered; nothing to leave one opened mouthed but for feel good rock n roll this is a definite go meet release.

From the excellent Overture which with its wonderful atmospheric welcoming leads invitingly and seamlessly into the first full track Away, the album takes the ear on an eager ride. As the track evolves a beckoning riff pulls one into its meaty and pumping heart of fine guitar play from Nathan Perry and Mark Hoffmann, whose vocals like the music are straight forward, honest, and there to rile up some fun. The song is in many ways what one expects from a rock band, not offering anything too different but it still takes a firm and satisfying grasp on the ear which pleases consistently.

Many songs on the album are like this, not particularly surprising or unexpected but all with impressively inventive guitars and rhythms from Greg Spalding which intimidate and slap one on the back like an old buddy. The bass of Darren Amaya is equally as formidable with his at times grouchy basslines determined to enthral and with all the elements combined each song is a dirty and full rock n roll pleasure. From the likes of the infectious Out For Blood, the strutting Can’t Turn Off The Sun with its sharp guitar piercings and strong vocal combination between Hoffman and Perry, and the pure rock n roller Yer Boy, the album never has one ever less than within its anthemic charms.

Yer Boy wears the obvious Bible of the Devil love for and influence of Thin Lizzy on its sleeve and it is this that brings the biggest highlights within the best songs, (I Know What Is Right) In The Night with an excellent seductive sax added to the mighty drive of the song and the strolling addictive Anytime, though they are just eclipsed by the Motorhead flavoured Raw And Order. All three songs hit the spot with familiar and respectful spices from their influences whilst adding them to the strong and insistent sounds from Bible of the Devil.

For the Love of Thugs and Fools is a fine album which makes for 45 minutes of very satisfying rock music, and though to be honest the release lacks a consistent spark to make it something one will have difficulty tearing themselves away from it also brings plenty of enjoyment to make it a persistent and welcome returnee to the ear.  The return of Bible of the Devil and their album is a definite burst of energy and quality which can only add to the rock music around right now and will please and find approval from all who take a listen to its strong and rewarding sounds.

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