The Given Motion: Human Dictionary

It is obvious to say with any debut a band wants to make a strong impression, offer a quality and originality that has people intrigued in the very least, and set in motion an anticipation for and a promise of much more impressive things to come. US indie rock band The Given Motion do just that with their album Human Dictionary, a release that brings vibrancy, dynamic songwriting, and compulsive sounds directly to the ear whilst feeding thoughts the assumption that from this excellent introduction there is even greater things ahead.

Formed in 2008, The Given Motion to use their words “was a distant concept preceded by an undeniable energy and creative force,” something listening to Human Dictionary is very apparent. The release bristles with a creative energy that pours from every note and syllable of the seven tracks within. Through a diverse release the band infuse a power and passion which whether in the more intense songs or the melodically charming ones is an ever present. The songs on the whole are also very catchy without resorting to obvious lures and hooks, showing the strength of composition and ease with which they strike up a rapport with the emotions of its listeners.

The release opens with Sing To Me and instantly has the ear eager to know more. The song has a gentle sway to its start which draws one into its infectious chorus and spreading arms of sound and energy.  The track never explodes into a lustful proposition though one feels it wants to at times, but holds a fine restraint which adds to the emotion it engages with. The vocals of frontman C.J. Schiatta are excellent, fresh, emotive, and bursting with an enthused endeavour lined with a knowing control which is captivating. Backed by the voice of guitarist Frank Mitaritonna there is a sure and appealing combination which flows perfectly with the guitar melodies and the mesmeric rhythms from bassist Tim Dillon and drummer Ryan Colichio.

The strong start is continued by Don’t Blink (There Was A Time). Opening with a jangly guitar reminding of Orange Juice the song offers a thoughtful pop pleasuring which leaves on energised and equally relaxed. Its warmth carries an eighties indie sense that flowed through bands like The Farmers Boys, The Bluebells and Lightning Seeds and by the end it is impossible not to be joining in with the hypnotic chorus.

The best two tracks on the release come in the shape of the title track and The Feeling. Both bring a more aggressive nature that sees them set in a post punk/rock footing which is inspiring. Human Dictionary struts and flexes its muscles with an attitude and intent which lifts the intensity into a disdainful slightly venomous attack. It is easily the best song on the album, a mighty well structured and very effective pulse racing inciter. It is closely matched by the immediately following The Feeling, another rock veined song which blends in melodies and harmonies that simmer with emotion and again a sense of spite. For all the great songs on the release these two are where one hopes the band concentrates most of all, with their craft and songwriting abilities they could set rock music truly alight.

The remaining songs are all again great examples of the diversity and creative skills of the band. Find Me, Watching You Drown, and One Jumps In, all merge with the ear with a slower melodic intent which pours more of the passion and emotive power the band has onto the senses. The trio all lie on a ballad bed but raise and twist the feelings and intensity back and forth with accomplished and inspired skill. From a personal perspective the more aggressive rock side of the band wins out but it is impossible to deny the expertise and instinctive quality that swarms within each and every song.

It is safe to say The Given Motion is destined to be a major player in the future playlist of the world with Human Dictionary their first very impressive entry.

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