Ghost In The Static: The Infection Vols 1 & 2

With an album due for later in the year UK electro industrial metal band Ghost In The Static have as a teaser a double volume release called The Infection. As an indicator of what is ahead the EP which came out at the end of last year and beginning of this, is a deeply pleasing and exhilarating inducement that marks their forthcoming album as one of the more important ones in an ever fluctuating industrial scene.

Ghost In The Static first grabbed attention and acclaim with their debut album Open Eyed Dreamer Part I: Revelation in February of last year, the release a vibrant and dramatic voice to an agitated genre. The Bracknell quintet forge irresistible hooks and melodies into striking and aggressive energy offering it with a direct intensity to create music that hits hard but expands into ever increasing and exhilarating intrusive pleasures. The new release is no different except for being even more controlled and deliberate in its assimilation of emotions and heart. It is a very promising statement of what is ahead and makes the anticipation for the album impatient.

Consisting of Steve Fearon, Lewis Collins, Gareth Stapleton, Mike Fearon, and Martin Rogers, Ghost In The Static explode in the ear on Volume 1 of The Infection with Not Enough. The song rushes in from distance with a pulsating beat and eager hypnotic enchantments. It is reasonably restrained initially, the track grazing on the ear with lit up melodies and acidic pinches of rhythms and energy. It then gradually expands and before long one is infected by its blood pumping power and pulse racing energy, the contagion in full swing before you know it and the only disappointment is when it ends. The band brings an impactful blend from the likes of Gary Numan, Nine Inch Nails, and Cynical Existence to help forge their own instinctive metal veined sounds. It is powerful and impossible to resist, a heavy blackened siren which consumes fully.

Now regular readers will know remixes and their point is lost on us here but The Infection it has to be said certainly left one almost as enthused from many of those that complete the EP as from the title track. Steve Fearon from the band and the owner of Static Distortion, their own label, said they would but we assumed he was just biased. The most impressive is the Anarchy Mix by Cyvergence, a track that yanks out the metallic spine of the song and layers it with the punk aggression and directness only suggested in the original. The melodic synth flows are still there but restrained by the primal and combative attack of the song. He makes the track different and unique, his use of the guitars and rhythms pointing at a Fear Factory toned heart. If all remixes were like this than there would never be a resistance to them.

The Not Enough Drums Mix by Witness The Apotheosis is a provocative piece that brings a neat alignment between a coarser tone and electro elements to concentrate on the disentangled beats and energies. A great track diminished by the excellence of the previous two versions. Completed by remixes by Ninja Spice and Kaziko White, both admittedly vibrant and intriguing pieces the EP is a striking release.

The Infection Volume 2 consists of four remixes of the track Saviour. The song is a belligerent track given an attentive makeover in a quartet of approaches that again bring and draw out something different each time. The Ghost Mix is antagonistic but off set by the dazzling electro beacons of sonic manipulations and bristling energy whilst the Machine Rox Mix takes an a sturdier eighties electro Ultravox come Visage pop sound but keeps the raw and militant vocals intact for a great contrast.

The mix by band stable mate Digital Deformation scuzzes everything up into a cloudy and undefined mix which works a treat though as with the remaining Flesh Eating Foundation Mix, it does not take the song into new areas as Cyvergence did on the other Volume.

Not Enough is the key track and alone makes the new album from Ghost In The Static an urgent addition to grab upon its release. Right now though you can grab copies of The Infection @ and, with Volume 2 being free and Volume 1 offering a free download of the title track.

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