What The Night Brings: Bound By Apathy

Leaving the listener bent double and struggling for breath the new EP from UK metalers What The Night Brings is one of the most destructive releases to accost the body in a long while; it is also one of the most satisfying. The band with Bound By Apathy do not just pummel the ear into submission or obliterate the senses into numbness they also create a connection through deeply impressive melodies and stirring thoughtful invention to raise them high above others with a similar sounding intent.

Formed in 2008 the quintet from Buckinghamshire first made a noticeable shout with debut EP Tides but with Bound By Apathy they have reached out and turned things up, from sound, craft, and sheer intensity showing that What The Night Brings has evolved into a truly magnificent band. Still retaining their raw intensity and uncompromising aggression the band has unleashed four beasts within the EP that prowl, attack, chew up and spit out the hearts of their victims, the listener unable or unwilling to resist. With an ever evolving mix of hardcore, deathcore, groove and melodic metal, each song within Bound By Apathy treats and abuses to the greatest satisfaction, and for a still relatively young band the promise of what is ahead is staggering.

The moment Barren opens up the assault one is stuck in an aural wind tunnel, with acidic melodic scythings splitting flesh as intensity and rhythms bruise every one of the senses. Drummer Pete Bright plays like a vindictive puppeteer, his beats and rhythms unpredictable and merciless whilst the guitars of Darren Tunaley and Scott Rand trip every switch and circuit through heavy masterful riffs or scorching melodic violations. It is a threatening and devastating mix that one allows to consume greedily, not that one has much choice. Vocalist Adrian Noone spews and spits every word and syllable with bile and malice, and though his delivery is generally unvaried it works perfectly within the annihilation.

Deus Ex-Machina continues the assault to equal quality and effect, the song scraping down the wall of the ear with a nastily acute melodic cuts backed by tumultuous rhythms and group shouts which bring an added depth and force to the already excellent demanding trespassing of Noone. Just like the following The March That Makes A Man, there is an instinctive and primal essence and power which permeates just as fully as it overwhelms through brute force. The second of these two is a staggering storm upon the ear, an angry venomous one with only the thought of removing all peace and calm within its recipient. It offers a groove behind the artillery sent rhythms that is mesmeric yet intimidating, and the combination of all a compulsive transgression that is as rewarding as it is testing.

The release is completed just as pleasingly by Front Towards Enemy, another formidable and infectious track. It offers a leaner metallic groove to make it more accessible than the other three songs but just as imposing and strewn with great quality and invention.

One can only see What The Night Brings having a big part and influence within extreme metal coming out of the UK in the future, and already with Bound By Apathy they have laid the evidence to their current importance and undeniable promise. Already an impatient anticipation for more from this great band is brewing.


RingMaster 31/03/2012

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