Revel In Flesh: Deathevokation

With heads held high and their intent open and proud, German death metalers Revel in Flesh release their debut album Deathevokation, a collection of aggressive monstrous darkness that sweeps one up with a blackened clutch that deeply satisfies. Formed in 2011 and with a name taken from an Entombed song, the band has only one aim and that is to honour and return to the age of classic old school death metal. Revel In Flesh attacks this with a focus and passion that simply is a feast for the senses and heart. There are some brilliant bands around that have taken the genre into exciting and exhilarating places but when a release like this unleashes a true and honest sound to turn the emotions into jelly there is nothing quite like it or as pleasing.

Deathevokation comes right out of the original tomb of the genre and makes no apologies for it, the album offering nothing jaw droppingly new or adventurous but when the grooves that spine the songs wraps themselves around with eagerness it is irresistible. The album bullies and badgers relentlessly, the red hot grooves leaving scars making it is one of the most agreeable releases in a long time. Yes there is nothing to stretch thoughts or barriers but with sounds this compulsive and as mentioned this straight up honest any other quibble is irrelevant.

Revel in Flesh consists of the duo Haubersson (Guitars, Bass, Vocals) and Maggesson (Drums, Additional Lead Guitars, FX), previous members of bands like Immortal Rites (R.I.P), Dawn Of Dreams and Apophis. Recorded in the late months of 2011 and mixed by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios (Sweden) in the beginning of this year, Deathevokation offers up ten songs that leave one breathless but grinning from ear to ear.

From the opening assault of Culpa Et Inferna the album rips chunks out of the senses, leaving one with feelings lying numb upon the floor. Rhythms open up wounds with their intensive pummelling to allowing the unrelenting riffs and venom splattering vocals to exploit. With a thrash swing to mesmerise like a slight of hand as the intensity weakens the knees, the song locks on tight. The great thing about the track and whole album is that nothing is done to excess, the guitars show their crafty melodic hand without resorting to indulgence whilst the bass and drums batter and bludgeon to the point of submission but restrain from taking one over the edge of the abyss.

Again trying to be as honest as the album many of the riffs and ideas one has heard in another form before, like the addictive hook within Shadowbreeder but it does not matter in the overall enjoyment and well created wall of addictive sound. Deathevokation will simply rock the blackened skin off any death metal fan and metalers of all guises given the chance.

As always some tracks stand out with an extra something and here the likes of the rampaging aggressively energetic Wings Of Death and the stunning Opus Putrescence lead the way. The first leaves dust in its wake so ferocious and incessant is its might, leaving one gasping and feeling like they just survived an onslaught of thunderous proportions, though barely. The track brings forth groans at its departure making it impossible to move on without a replay of its magnetic manipulating hungry riffs and barracking rhythms first. The latter of the two grabs hold within seconds swinging the senses around as if on an out of control child’s roundabout. There is a distinct folk metal groove prowling beneath the incisive shadowed grind of the guitars that brings a light to the depths the intensity plunges one down in to. It is a glorious cascading shower of sonic abuse and intrusion, and again a song that demands repeat attention right away.

With the likes of the excellent Iron Coffin and Subconcious Error, though all songs can be named, alongside those already highlighted, Deathevokation is a real joy. Yes to repeat the album will not bring you anything new or dare one say overly original but do you want something to leave you provoked yet unsure or something that gives you unquestionably the greatest fun? I know what I prefer and which Revel In Flesh offers.

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REVEL IN FLESH – Iron Coffin

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