Hypno5e: Acid Mist Tomorrow

This review of the new album from French experimental metalers Hypno5e has been one of the hardest to write. Acid Mist Tomorrow is immense, a true masterpiece and master class in ingenuity, imagination and technical ability of musicianship and songwriting. The problem with writing about it is where to begin, what to concentrate on, and how to present in written form all the qualities and startling imagination and originality within its stunning soundscapes. To try and understand the album and its workings leaves one bordering confusion, its stunning invention and conjurations difficult to get a handle on. Thankfully the band had no problem during its creation and has been borne a release that stands astride genres, thoughts, and boundaries, its innovation seamless and unfailing. The album is organic and instinctive despite so many attention grabbing elements and that makes the release so much more impressive and incredible.

Des Deux L’une Est L’Autre the debut album from Hypno5e in 2007 made the world sit up and soak the release in acclaim though it is fair to say the band still did not find the recognition worldwide that they and the release deserved. In some ways the release was ahead of its time and only in the past couple of years have others caught up with the invention and imagination the band inspired. Of course now they have got there they find that the men from Montpellier have moved on and with Acid Mist Tomorrow have set new heights and ingenious musical experiments to aspire to. The quartet of Emmanuel Jessua (lead vocals/guitar), Thibault Lamy (drums/percussions), Cédric Pages (bass/backing vocals), and Jonathan Maurois (guitar) have returned with a matured and more defined craft in their composing but still it is no less barrier flipping and eccentrically adventurous. They do not allow limitations of any design to stand in their way or restrain musical ideas however off kilter they may appear, they just embrace and explore them as Acid Mist Tomorrow proves.

The title track opens the impressive event and within the first two minutes brings such diverse elements into a glorious spread for the senses to immerse into. The opening seconds finger the ear with tense yet provocative touches before firmly gripping with stomping riffs and a hardcore vocal delivery.  These step back not long after as the melodic mellowness of the band swells and envelopes the ear with a warm smooth caress, though the weighty brute of sound is prowling and waiting just below the surface. Soon they merge and combine into a bewitching unsettling beast, their perfect sounding union leaving the senses unsure whether they are being violated or made love to. Through ten minutes of glorious imagination the song twists and pulls the senses though a journey of unpredictable wizardry, grinding riffs, rousing and  intoxicating melodic manipulation, and persuasive atmospheric  enchantment.

To be honest words do not do justice to the song or album, it really is impossible to portray what inspired treasures lay within its pulsating walls. The emotion packed Six Fingers In One Hand She Holds The Dawn – Part II steps up next to tear the heart into a hundred grateful and satisfied pieces. Following on from the brief emotive introduction of Part 1, the piece mesmerises and holds the hand as it unveils a deep and impassioned elegance, the song laying its heart before the ear. Once captivated the track bursts into a ferocious nightmare with an intensity that invades every pore and synapse. It is stunning and adventurous with plenty of what would be for any other band distracting interludes and detours that do not work but from Hypno5e it is challenging but natural and seamless.

The rest of the album is just as amazing and inspiring so the suggestion is to go investigate yourselves what is one of the finest albums to be unleashed in a long time, and just note that the other tracks Story Of The Eye, Gehenne (Parts 1 through to 3), and Brume Unique Obscurité (Part 1 and 2), also leave only deep rooted adulation and awe inspired acclamation in their wake.

It is fair to say Hypno5e will not find a willing home with everyone but if the likes of Uneven Structure, Gojira, and Textures get your juices excited Hypno5e and Acid Mist Tomorrow will have you leaking all over the place.

RingMaster 20/03/2012

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