Since Monroe: Lost Generation

One year since their formation UK indie rock band Since Monroe mark the event with the release of their stunning debut EP Lost Generation. In the short time of being a band the Birmingham quartet has firmly grabbed attention and acclaim with their energetic punchy songs and live shows that leave a breathless crowd gasping for more. Lost Generation though will make those early months seem like a breeze upon their talents once it gets its four irresistible claws of sound into the ears of the masses and much larger waves of furore comes their way.

The EP rumbles, taunts and lights up the senses with irrepressible melodies, barbed hooks, and an infection which no cure can alleviate, though once it gets its eager sonic grip around the ear there is only welcome submission to the incredible sounds on offer. With a blend of indie rock, punk, and garage rock each and every one of the four songs the EP consists of takes the heart on a vibrant and tumultuous ride, battering and serenading to equal effect. Released on Younitee their own label, Lost Generation is a deep feast of constant pleasure.

The release opens with all systems blazing and intensity notched to full. DJ swaggers in with hefty dirty riffs and a broad powerful sound. The bass of Matt Tregortha growls from first note to last, a beast awakened whilst the guitars of Trig and Andy Clifford rile up the senses with sounds pulled from the hottest garage pit. It is delicious; the intense building wall of dark grumbling sounds veined with impressive melodic vocals and all caged by the firm rhythms of drummer James Bradley is like a caged prize-fighter, tight, lean, and muscular. It is a mighty and impressive beginning.

Jack Kahuna Laguna takes over with the same intent to consume and exhilarate which it does to great satisfaction. The blues tinged guitars make contact first before the return of the weighty formidable riffs the band offer with the ability of seasoned veterans. As with the opener and the remaining two songs, the track is welcomed like a heartfelt friend, it has a kind of familiarity which enables one to jump into and join in with the catchy choruses and vein bursting energy. The riffs hold one down firmly to allow the other elements of the song to manipulate and pleasure.

Another strongly agreeable bass riff veins the title track. Like an unrelenting siren the fingers of Tregortha prowl and pounce upon the ear as they bring a deep addictive to the senses, his strings confident and sure of total submission to their dark charms. Lost Generation mixes up the pace and intensity to great and well written effect, allowing the ears to take a swift breath before once more thrusting enthused punk fuelled rock through them. The song builds to and ends with a climax that a media image would have one smoking a cigarette after, if you get my drift.

Three amazing songs down with Satellites left to try and complete the impressive release. The song is a lighter though no less lustful a track. Whilst the first three songs brought a sound which one could compare to a mesh of bands like Foo Fighters, The Libertines, and the Buzzcocks plus also The Psychedelic Furs which for no obvious reason kept coming into the head as the songs swaggered over the ear, Satellites has a definite Weezer influenced sound. With a coarse pop tone and caustic melodies the song shows a different edge to the band, a variety which engages just as firmly. The song does not have quite the power and grip of the previous trio but it still sets the band ahead of the majority of other bands around, many who have been trying to sound this good for years.

Lost Generation is a thoroughly impressive EP, and the mighty introduction to the UK of possibly the most exciting band to emerge in at least the past year.  Since Monroe with the EP has opened their door to a world of deeply satisfying and invitingly dirty senses teasing pleasure. You just need to walk right on through with Lost Generation.

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