The Escape: Chapters EP

The obvious thing about Cheshire band The Escape upon hearing their latest EP Chapters is how accomplished they are as musicians with a sure depth to their songwriting. The four track release is a diverse and enterprising collection of songs that reveals different aspects to the band sound and their ability to evolve each approach in to a deeply satisfying result.

Formed in 2010 The Escape is made up of five members who came together via different roads and carrying varied influences and experiences, the quintet uniting in the purpose of writing songs that are not only very good but distinct on every level . The Chapters EP is the strong proof that they have accomplished their aim and are moving forward towards even greater things.

The EP is a follow up to their self titled debut which initially made the first strong mark on a swelling amount of attentive ears. This concentration of fans rapidly increased as the band shared stages with the likes of, Pegasus Bridge, Turin Breaks, The Bromheads, and Young Rebel Set,  often pushing the headliners to their limit, plus being on the BBC Introducing bill did not exactly do them harm. Though the debut was impressive it is Chapters that sees The Escape moving things up a level with songs that are as emotionally engaging and touching as they are striking. With radio play accompanying the release The Escape are about to take what one imagines will be further and many steps upwards, these fine songs bringing an increased surge in popularity.

The four songs that make up Chapters are all inviting and charismatic but it is Self Self Self that especially stands tall and proud over the others. With a truly infectious chorus that reminds of the heady days when The Wonder Stuff wrote hypnotic tunes, the song sparkle enchantingly from the impulsive and beckoning guitars and a sexy bass sound from Ben Kaye with more wanton tendencies than a teenager in an Anne Summers store. The song is stunning and exposes a band with firm confidence in their sound and loaded with skilled creativity.

The remaining songs on the EP are just as impressive. The emotive James And The Giant Mood is wonderfully expressive and seductive whilst the slower paced but no less touching song Little Yellow Flower wonderfully and caressingly spreads its delightful melodies and almost pained flowing sound around the ear. The final song Needing Change shows another element to the band. Al Lyes crashing guitars and the songs spiked attitude driven by the heartfelt vocals from Matthew Percival delivers a punk edge and impassioned urgency without ever unleashing enough to disturb the harmonics and melodic nature of the track. Another well crafted song finishing a very gratifying EP

The band, with the controlled and sure rhythms of Jake Forrester have taken their skills and indie pop songs to a new level with Chapters. The songs are uncomplicated without falling into the ease of laying simple and cheap candy lures into their music. Instead they write songs that are rounded, well thought out and then realised, music that does have an instant appeal but also has substance and soul, that is why The Escape will move on to greater things.

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