Metal Scent: Homemade

Listening to the new album from Israeli metal band Metal Scent one question kept offering itself up to be answered and that was why had we not heard of this fine band before. On the evidence of Homemade they are a band which is just a few steps away from worldwide recognition, something the album will surely accelerate. The release is accomplished and bursting with songs fuelled by classic rock and metal but veined with varied and flavoursome ideas and craft. Homemade engages and excites from the first to last note of its fifteen song length and offers absorbing and impressive sounds for all rock and metal fans.

Metal  Scent  formed in 2005, are  well known in their homeland, the band going through changes in directions and line-ups over the years but consistently strengthening their reputation and following. Homemade is the third album from the band and the first all original Metal Scent release. Their debut album of 2005 consisted of Middle Eastern hit songs, rearranged and recomposed into Metal versions, whilst the follow up did the same to American hit songs from the sixties.  This second release also carried five original tracks at the insistence of Crash Music who released it. Presumably this and its success inspired the band to produce a wholly original album, and an inspired move it has turned out to be. The album is deeply impressive and though now knowing how its predecessors were made up one can understand their limited recognition outside Israel to this point there seems no other destination than wider acknowledgement after Homemade strolls through the world.

So many things strike the ear as soon as opening song Never Too Late confidently pounces. Firstly there is the driving and well formed guitar play of Dror Yakar and Yaniv Aboudy which spins around the senses masterfully either dazzling them with bright and eager melodies or is strongly insistent on attention through stirring riffs and heavyweight intensity. The rhythms of Ronen Ziony give a firm spanking with formidable but restrained force whilst the bass of Shahar Cohen prowls and stares from behind the energy with a darker delicious intent. Completing the great sound is the excellent vocals of Rami Salmon. The man has some epic tubes that can deliver a diverse and full sound for whatever each song needs, and with a style that is never indulgent and has a restraint that is admirable he offers plenty of magnificent moments within the release.

The opening song is strong and a great invite to the album but is rather traditional  which is shown up by the following glories starting with Hold On and Men Of War. The first is infectiously catchy , quite familiar whilst the second is a thunderous assault with combative riffs and a darkened muscular sound. As everywhere the harmonies and melodies are never kept tethered, their flowing warmth sauntering around the throbbing energy taking the song deep beyond the ear.

As it progresses the album simply gets better and better. Through songs like the excellent Silks Of White and the amazing emotive Inner Light, the senses are treated to an ascent that is deeply satisfying. Both tracks, though distinctly different  sound like they have had a dose of Manic Street Preachers  added to their mix and it is wonderful. It gets better though when the best song on show appears to dazzle and exhilarate. Desires is one of the best songs heard in a while, and once its passion grabs firmly and takes the listener to its pulsating breast there is no option but to fall in to its anthemic charms.

The other songs on Homemade are equally as invigorating and enjoyable, the band rifling the spices from varied rock and metal sources  to Middle Eastern influences to bring them together with their own creativity to produce a release that leaves one grinning inside and out. Metal Scent maybe not be well known yet but it is just a matter of time. Save time yourselves and make the first move by checking out one of the best rock albums in recent months.

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