Vera Grace offer free download TODAY!!

There is a brewing force from Oxfordshire and in the very near future they are going to explode upon the senses with their debut release.  This mighty event comes in the shape of Oxfordshire rock band Vera Grace and their EP Rotations which will be unleashed on May 14th.

But before then to whet the appetite the band are going to make a brand new song not on the EP available as a free download. The song Dark Hearts is available from today for free on their Facebook profile and is sure to raise the anticipation for Rotations tenfold.

Dark Hearts strikes at the heart with intimidating riffs, thunderous aggression and a melodic skill which inspires one  to open up even more to their stunning sounds. The song and band offer something different to the usual metalcore approach and this song alone makes the wait until May 14th and Rotations an impatient one. The RingMaster Review

Formed at the foot of 2011, Vera Grace are quickly scaling the ranks and making new friends. Hailing from rural Oxon and featuring school mates Aaron (Bass), Chris (Guitar), Steve (Vocals), Josh (Drums) and Jonjo (Guitar) the eager quintet took no time in penning new tunes for their eagerly awaited debut record. To help make their distinct mark on the metalcore Vera Grace set loose a debut single in the shape of Living Forever Isn’t Living At All to great hearty support from a grass roots level and earned the band a cluster of new fans.

The eagerly awaited debut release of Rotations is sure to raise the bar with its five meaty slabs of hardcore infused metal. Sparking glowing comparisons to and taking cues from the likes of Underoath, Oh, Sleeper, and Parkway Drive, Vera Grace offer up an altered take on metalcore and in turn have produced a debut record loaded with guile, intensity, and true promise. From the melodic riffage and beefy climax of Wasting Away, through to the experimental synth and guitar work on the title track Rotations, Vera Grace have set loose a real beast of a debut. The UK metalers also plan a full blown gig onslaught set for summer, hit up  for show updates and that free download.

ROTATIONS TRACKLISTING: 1. Wasting Away; 2. Lost; 3. Esther’s Imagination; 4. Rotations; 5. I Am The Earth.

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