The Electric Modern: Motives EP

The new EP from UK indie rock band The Electric Modern is one of those rare breeds of releases that plays like it is quite familiar, a returning friend but actually does not sound like anyone else either. It has a newness and freshness that for a first introduction to the band is a pleasing and remarkable thing. The three track Motives EP puts a welcoming arm around the shoulders as it pleasures the ear with fluid and flowing melodies, emotive lyrics and vocals, plus an energy that is wholly vibrant. Whether it carries any ‘life changing’ songs or sounds is debateable but it certainly dazzles with music that brings a warmth to the day.

Formed in 2008, The Electric Modern has gradually built up a strong name with their live shows and self titled debut album of last year. Since a line-up change in the spring of 2011, the band now consisting of Dean Canty (vocals/guitar), Adam Sullivan (guitar/synth/vocals), Henry Marsden (Bass) and Jon Mytom-Hart (Drums), has found a new focus and direction to their sound. Motives is the first evidence of this new design so to speak from the Hertfordshire quartet and it has to be said without knowing what came before the release, it is a very enjoyable and promising EP.

The release opens with Let’s Get Away, a song which starts with soaring vocals and a slightly subdued feel. That is until the band explodes into eager beats and warm guitar strikes whilst the bass of Marsden confidently walks through the graceful keys and impressive vocals of Canty. The song lies in its own melodic sun at times, basking in the glow before raising the energy to bundle forth once more with an eagerness and intent to excite the senses.

It is a strong start soon eclipsed by the excellent Time To Reflect. With a video imminent for the track this is the lead song that should ensure a strong wave of interest their way; though as a whole the EP will instigate that just as easily. The track carries a sharp melody throughout that reminds of The Cure, and in many ways Canty also brings a vocal style not too far removed from Robert Smith emotively. The song is infectious, the swarming graceful synths of Sullivan weaving between the incisive guitars and the firm rhythms of Mytom-Hart and Marsden. You know the song is good when it is still playing with and appearing in the head minutes to hours later.

Too Much To Ignore completes the release just as agreeably. Another easy to digest and mesmeric tune as its predecessor and if there is only one gripe it is that it sounds very similar to Time To Reflect at times. Despite that the song is joyfully vibrant and as with all the three tracks offers an anthemic invitation which is impossible to refuse.

The Electric Modern is on the start of a journey which will take them to higher places without doubt. Motives right now does not venture into startlingly new plains for indie rock as such but more than provides the suggestion that the band will at some point. The release is very satisfying offering a feel and energy that lights up the song within the senses and heart, why not go wake yourself up with Motives too.

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