StayOkay!: Disperse

Just a couple of months ago an EP from Irish rock band StayOkay! grabbed not only our attention but a great many others with its strong vibrant melodies and heartfelt emotions. The band debut EP Time To Grow deeply impressed and inspired an anticipation and belief of greater things to come from the band. Well it has not taken long for the Dublin quartet to provide further proof and add more force to the thought that the band will surely be going places and soon. Their new EP Disperse is immense, an openly obvious progress and confirmation on what came before. It is rare to really get excited by a release alone but it is impossible to deny that their new three track release is deeply exhilarating.

Formed in 2009 StayOkay! has made their homeland the playground for their passionate and emotive sounds, and the time taken to hone their music and ideas proven to have been an intelligent and inspired decision as each release is unveiled. Both EPs have shown a measured craft to their songwriting and a controlled but organic invention to their delivery. Disperse flows with this, each song wonderfully and instinctively formed to share the band and its heart and passion to its recipient but also inviting them to bring their own feelings and lives into the union. Perfection is never an achievable height but Disperse sure tries its very best to touch it with its fingertips.

The title track opens up the pleasure, its eagerness to bring you into its arms as infectious as the consuming melodies and powerful sentiment. The passionate chorus is anthemic, all the bands passions shouting a declaration at once and throughout Tim Chadwick simply impresses and confirms what a great vocalist he is. Driven by the firm and commanding rhythms of drummer Kevin OShea the song confidently entertains the senses with potent riffs from bassist Alan Ferns and incisive and instructive guitars from Irtiza Malik, his play guiding the song along intelligent avenues to compliment the artistry and skill shown by his band mates. The track is stunning and easily the best song from the band to date.

From such a high there has to be a drop in intensity but as Little Voice shows not in quality. The song is a less forceful s but just as potent in emotion and drive. From vocals to the fiery heart of the music the track connects deeply and with a impassioned hold that leads one down into their own feelings. The song might not have the dramatic and dynamic energy of Disperse but it hits just as deeply and powerfully.

The release is completed by a the acoustic Homebird which again gives the strongest evidence to the  fine voice and delivery of Chadwick. It also shows StayOkay! as a band with more options to their songwriting and ability yet to be unleashed upon our eager ears. Motives is an outstanding release that everyone should at least check out and as it is currently free to download @  there really is no excuse not to give your hearts a real treat.

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