Sweet Davis: Bittersweet EP

With a creative elegance as striking as the emotive sounds and presence within its tender walls the new EP from Virginian trio Sweet Davis is a striking and captivating release. Carefully crafted and uncomplicated Bittersweet engages the ear and beyond with varied music which feels like an old friend you have never seen before. The bond between heart and sound undeniably meant to be, it is a musical destiny.

Consisting of vocalist Kristin Davis, her brother Pete on drums, and guitarist Matt Ascione, Sweet Davis evolved from The Young Citizens, the band Pete had. Previously unknowing of the full talent as a singer his sister was, a chance moment when she filled in for their absent singer during a jam session unveiled her stunning sound and skill and the seeds of the band began to sprout. Together they gigged around D.C. meeting and playing with varied musicians including Andy Waldeck from Earth To Andy. The current settled line-up came with the addition of Matt Ascione and the final element of Sweet Davis was in place.

The three songs on the EP epitomise Sweet Davis. They are graceful and vibrant, touching and expressive, and the strongest evidence that the band handle melodies with the skill of a magician. The song Ready is the impressive proof from its opening invitation of sombre guitar and emotive vocals from Kirsten. With a haunting keyboard adding an edge to the feeling of regret and the melancholic lyrical declaration the song captures melodies like a butterfly collector, manipulating them to bring forth the sorrow and emotional power of the words.  Reflective and personal the song easily finds the heart to share its emotion and inspire more in the recipient.

Too Shy like Ready, is inspired by relationships that have lost their glow and magic, the pop accessibility of the song tempered by the powerful image and feeling brought forth by the lyrics and voice of Kirsten. The theme within again is downbeat and realistic but countered by music that offers hope and an energy to persevere. If you are looking for pure pop music without the falsehoods and trickery that taints media powered commercial pop, then Sweet Davis have it in abundance on this and within all of their songs.

     Sparks is a newer song that shows the band is evolving all the time as songwriters and performers. From the initial sing-a-long infection of the chorus the song sweeps one up in its elevated arms to lift the heart and spirit in a warm glow of incisive melodies and sirenesque vocals. Again the use of keys is wonderfully added to expand the song into a weave of pop and country rock which can only ignite an outbreak of eagerness and smiles. It feels good, sounds great and makes you feel even better.

As mentioned earlier the music is uncomplicated but do not mistake that for simple or lightweight. The trio are masterful in making less sound more and more importantly turning it into songs which expand once inside the ear to excite every sense and thought. Sweet Davis make pop music which is unique and gloriously beautiful, Bittersweet the undisputable proof.


RingMaster 03/03/2012

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