Ourfamous Dead: Claws at the Door

As the twilight weeks of last year closed their eyes there was one release which lit up those dark nights with a sound that roughed up the senses whilst mesmerising them at the same time. The EP in question was I Am Human from UK electro rockers Ourfamous Dead. Consisting of four tracks which stokes up limbs and emotions through infectious hook fuelled electronic punk sounds and eager explosive melodies, the release though not quite perfect installed the band as one to keep a close eye upon. Now the band returns with their new single Claws at the Door to not only repeat the irrepressible energy and intent found on the earlier release but to take it forward many huge steps to produce a song which is a feast for the ear.

Formed in 2009 the Leeds based band has made formidable strides in capturing attention and acclaim through their debut single Untitled Part 2 and the EP as well as their high energy live shows. The quintet found themselves under positive media scrutiny and as they continued to work hard sharing stages with the likes of The Blackout, Funeral For a Friend and Gallows. Now with the new single the anticipation that it will ignite 2012 for the band is more than a strong wish.

Claws at the Door is a track that demands and seizes attention from its opening dark electronic prowling around the ear right through to its punk punchy chorus to the siren bred climax. Showing a stronger maturity to their song writing the song is a well rounded and incessant beast which beats up the ear with the mix of punk, hardcore and electronica the band is becoming well known for. The vocals of AJ Reeves once more massage the ear with fine clean tones and a grouchy harsher delivery ably supported by the combined group shouts and chants of the rest of the band. This vocal blend is a perfect ally to the similarly enthused music, the guitars of Callum Knight and Rich Jennings, the pulsating bass of Simon Green, and the thumping rhythms of drummer Robin “Bobbyo” Speight, as one in pushing down defences with their aggressive punk urgency and revitalising them with a flowing melodic infection which permeates deeply. As the synths swirl and ignite emotions behind the forceful barracking, the song leaves one breathless for more and gives rise to an impatient anticipation for their forthcoming debut album.

In a mere few months the band has grown to reveal a sure hand on their creativity and a firmer definition to their sound. Ourfamous Dead have forged their own style which still lies between the likes of The Browning and Enter Shikari with flavouring of the likes of My Passion and Linkin Park but as the single indicates has evolved into music with its own breath and heart.

With a tour alongside another band to watch out for The Sun Explodes through April, a video for Claws at the Door due any day, and the previously mentioned album on the horizon, now is the right time to introduce yourselves to Ourfamous Dead, one of the most exciting UK bands around right now.



RingMaster 03/03/2012

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