The Suicide Denial: We’ll Go Down Fighting

We’ll Go Down Fighting from US rock band The Suicide Denial is a slightly mixed bag of infectious hooks and engaging striking melodies rolled off the back of stirring riffs and eager energy. It is a boisterous album that teases and excites with easily accessible sounds and agreeable intent but it also carries what seems like obvious and open flavours and influences within its songs. The result is a release that is not soaked in particular originality but bursts through the ear with familiar and easy to absorb recognisable aural pleasure. The outcome being a strong and excitable album that gets limbs, voice and pulse a playing from start to end.

The Suicide Denial began when Chad Gerbers previous band Korben came to an end. 2007 saw Gerber and Korben relocate to Montana from California as they went for the Midwest with a vengeance with plans for extensive touring. Needing a drummer for the venture the number of Chad “AKA 2012” McKinsey a college student, was passed on to the band. Recruited, McKinsey toured with the band until it broke up a while after upon which time Gerber approached McKinsey about the “Suicide Denial Project” he had been working on and the two decided to collaborate on this endeavour and what they called was its “Ghetto Sample Rock”. Using a small college studio at night the duo began work on songs and what would become their debut album I’m Sorry LA. Within a few months they signed to Divulge Records and the album was finished and produced, receiving a strong and eagerly positive response and acclaim across national and internet media, radio, and the public alike.

The band has thrived and steadily increased a fervent fan base across the US and into Europe, Australia and China. Something their latest album We’ll Go Down Fighting and its determined to please attitude will surely inspire even further. With a successful series of shows on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour the album came out to immediately register highly with existing and new fans with its thirteen slightly mischievous engaging songs. With the undeniable friendliness of the tunes and a sense of intimacy with some of the flavours it carries, the album which though at times is unstressed by originality leaps upon and pleases the senses far more than most other similarly fuelled releases.

The tracks rifle through the ear solidly, from the opening rock explosion of Mindless And Dumb and its Sick Puppies styled discontent and backing Aha spiced synth play through to the closing melodic joy of Your Hell and the great vocal blends within, the album makes  a case for and wins with its defence of the mission to excite and satisfy. As soon as second and best track We Go Down Fighting hits the air submission to the albums charms is a given. The track again with a Sick Puppies toned attack reminding of their track Gasoline is a raucous defiant triumph of self strength and intractability.

The album is diverse within its rock intent, from the slow emotive Radiohead spiced I’m Ok which is strong without being spectacular, the fine melancholic and dark Souls with a glorious bassline out of A Forest era Cure songbook, to the bluesy/grunge Nirvana tinged Robot, the release offers variety and gratifying flavours for the ear and deeper. It has to be said though that when the band raises the temperature as in the punk veined bursts of Shot Again and the Mucky Pup like Medicate plus obviously the previously mentioned We Go Down Fighting, they are at their height and truly expose what a great rock band they are.

Though a guitar driven band, the use of keyboards is a strong and impressive part to many of the tracks most notably in Insane. Though the track borrows a synth melody from Visages Fade To Grey the song is a delightful electro pop sway upon the ear that sweeps one up in its caresses.

Yes as mentioned We’ll Go Down Fighting maybe not the most groundbreaking or original album to pleasure the ear but the fact it does please and with such great satisfaction makes it and The Suicide Denial worth a huge amount of anyones time.

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