My Tiny Robots – Zut Alor

With each release Edinburgh’s My Tiny Robots has shone brighter and engaged deeper with their eclectic melodic discordant sounds. From their debut release the Some Of My Best Ideas EP of 2007 through to the free to download single ‘Rock Bossa Nova Four Beat Black’ via the Rock Bossa Nova EP the quartet has intrigued and thrilled with their imaginative well crafted songs.

November of last year saw the release of the first of three singles from the band in the shape of the captivating ‘Guild Of Defiants’. This past week saw the release of single two ‘Zut Alor’ and yet another mesmeric and sparkling release from the quirk pop band. Once more the distinct melodic yet discord spiced vocal combination of Dylan Childs and Ryan Marinello swarm all over their own jangly hypnotic guitars. Backed by the thoughtful rhythms of drummer Gareth Anderson and the moody bass of Russell Williams the foursome create their own unique sound. In a previous review of ‘Guild Of Defiants’ which we loved we ended by saying “the song is not ground breaking as such and does not deliver any striking surprises…” To clarify that and to put it into context with regard to the band’s music, against all other current contemporaries My Tiny Robot offer fully original and inspired songs that few if any match in sound. What the band does do though is bring forth the intelligent and musical quiddities of very early Orange Juice and definitely the brilliant Josef K. Whether intentional or by chance there is a certain defined similarity and evolution from the 80’s band’s sound, reinterpreted into their own striking creations which is the reason for the original comment.

Zut Alor’ starts on an emotively touching subdued feel, caressing the ear for a soothing minute before unfurling tantalising guitars and firm rhythms. The single has a more chaotic feel once it swells into its full texture making it less instant then the previous single but more adventurous and eventful. As with most of their songs ‘Zut Alor’ is instinctively anthemic, it invites and encourages spirit and voice to join its call without trying.

Released with Wood Thief Recordings, ‘Zut Alor’ is another dazzling track from My Tiny Robots and leads to the eagerest anticipation and impatience for third single ‘My Tiny Robots’ later in the year.

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My Tiny Robots – Zut Alor



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