MaloKai – Heartbeats EP


Whether you class them as power pop or pop punk UK band MaloKai as they show with their new EP, know how to blend insatiable melodies with energised riffs and pulse racing urgency. Neither threateningly aggressive nor a band simply plumping for easy options their music is an uplifting rip-roaring thrust of fun and enjoyment.

Formed in 2007 the band is a multi nationality band with members coming from England, Ireland, Wales, Bolivia and the US. Through the years despite many line-up changes suggesting an unstable beginning, the band has steadily built up an eager underground fan base with live shows and recordings.  Their debut album Perception Of Reality drew in firm critical acclaim and even though the band members changed it set in motion an increased attention and rise for the band. Now with the solid line-up of Alex Greig (vocals/guitar), Andy Bell (guitar), Dack Powell (guitar), G Suaznabar (bass) and Dave Williams (drums), their new Heartbeats EP will add fuel to and ignite the band’s climb and recognition.

The EP released February 13th via Nameless/Faceless Records, explodes after an opening intro with the welcoming catchy melodies and hooks of ‘Rumours’. Chunky guitars and riffs flood the track alongside flowing and insightful melodies showing the band’s skill. Grieg’s vocals mellow yet forceful melt all over the music to great effect and though the track to be fair does not offer anything particularly new it is an infectious bundle.

The title track delivers a similar formula but with a more serious emotive tone that grabs attention easily. ‘Heartbeatsas does the whole EP dangles tantalising hooks, punchy riffs and contagious melodies that shout pop more than punk though there is nothing lightweight about the release or its components.

The release takes a step up with the following two tracks, a cover of Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ and ‘Young And Dumb’. Though a simple interpretation of the original, ‘Price Tag’ leaps across the ear with energy and most of all shows the band’s ease at not always taking themselves too seriously. The second of the two is a stoked burst of intense and distinct creativity.  The track drips passion and emotion veined by stirring riffs and tempered guitar play.

Remaining tracks ‘You’ and the rampant ‘What’s Inside’ carry on the attack with blistering guitars and irresistible melodies, the closer probably the best track on the EP and certainly these two with ‘Young And Dumb’ give all the evidence that MaloKai are a band with immense promise, With a sound that is in the area of the likes of All Time Low and You And Me At Six the band still feel as if they are a few steps from their true sound but have all the tools and engaging elements in place to see healthy and productive musical years ahead.

With a tour of the UK in support of the Heartbeats EP planned for the year the time to taste their pop punk with the emphasis on pop is now and if their live shows are as powerful and enjoyable as the EP there is no reasonable case for not catching the band as their rise continues.

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