Tom Kills – Million Pieces

Rather than introducing himself to the world through an elaborate bio or a colourful rhetoric Scottish singer songwriter Tom Kills has announced himself with the release of the single ‘Million Pieces’ and further more made it a free download. Giving away tracks is nothing new of course but usually an artist or band has constructed a ‘body’ to themselves before hand. Kills is letting his music make his welcome, his song being the first ‘face’ for people and a fine introduction it is.

From Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire Kills creates music that swarms slowly but eagerly across the senses, its 80’s electronic pop laced with a dark tone bringing a thoroughly mesmeric sound. ‘Million Pieces’ wraps itself around the ear, soothing deeper as it caresses with vibrant graceful melodies and atmospheric sways of synth creativity. The track is emotive despite the lighter easy hook that latches on first to open up the listener for the expansive emotion touching sound surrounding it. The track carries an expressive mix of Strangers, Depeche Mode and Matt Johnson (The The) blending a nostalgic 80’s feel with a modern darker edge.

For a starter to any public musical introduction ‘Million Pieces’ is deeply impressive and a perusal  and digestion of other tracks posted on Kills’ web site and profiles shows this is not a one off. Songs like the emotive ‘Silly Little Self’, the excitable majesty of ‘Sex Robots’, and the impassioned ‘Catastrophe’ all show that Kills is a songwriter than knows how to create well crafted songs that make their home far deeper than the ear. All are haunting in some degree and trigger responses to ensure they are not fleeting romances with their hosts.

As mentioned ‘Million Pieces‘ can be downloaded for free by simply going to his official website @ or Facebook profile to treat yourselves.

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Tom Kills – Million Pieces


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