Fuck The Facts – Die Miserable

The best word for Die Miserable the new album from Canadian metalers Fuck The Facts is schizophrenic and gloriously so. The release goes for the throat with a ferocity that is beyond primal and deeply threatening but delivered in an almost fractured sonic frenzy of varied abrasive flavours littered with extreme metal, grindcore, punk and much more. Fuck The Facts defy any labelling except to tag them as one of the most senses searing intense bands around.

Released via Relapse Records, Die Miserable is a disturbing maelstrom of aural violence and destruction that leaves the head squealing in submission and senses as molten drips on the floor. Challenging and consuming the album and its punishing elements do not just grab tightly they slice slithers of resistance from the listener to swing triumphantly around the ear with boastful pride.

Opening track ‘Drift’ creeps in with taunting ominous waves of sound, building up the suspense before exploding into incessant acidic riffs scorching and scarring every sense they can find. The track is glorious if painful, guitars attack with venom and rhythms batter with the darkest intent. On top of this already unstoppable blissful intensity there are the fearsome blistering vocals of Melanie Mongeon, her delivery and voice as caustic and intrusive as heard anywhere from man or women. 

From this stunning start the album simply piles on more of its awesome and distressing might from the sonically intensive and calculated cruel grooves of ‘Cold Hearted’, through the colossus that is ‘Census Blank’ with its beckoning taunting intro of incessant flesh ripping grooves leading to an initial male growled death metal vocal, to the opening sombre beginning emotive touch of ‘Alone’ and its eventual twisted vehement fuelled onslaught, the release pistol whips the senses and ear. Beneath the unbridled aggression there is some impressive and infectious invention going on if at times it is lost beneath the wall of hellacious noise. Bassist Marc Bourgon is supreme throughout offering some of the mightiest and darkest bass lines and riffs to digest alongside the often discordant and always viciously creative guitars of Topon Das and Johnny Ibay. Driven by the inspirational and jaw dropping drums skills of Mathieu Vilandré the tracks blister and engage in equal painful measure. Though the aggression and sonic explosion that is Fuck The Facts’ unique music one can feel various spices coming from afar such as symphonic metal and 90’s punk though all is manipulated into the band’s own acute imaginative blitz.

Lyrically the tracks are as bitter and hard hitting as their sounds; from relationships and personal ‘demons’ like loneliness and self-loathing to political issues ranging from religion to politics, each track is as provoking and thought challenging as they are cynical and angry sounding. Mongeon proving herself a skilled writer who uses her other effective weapon her staggering vocals to bring forth her stirring words.

That Die Miserable will not be for everyone is no surprise, its intensive minding bending senses raiding sounds sure to have many running for their safest haven but for those up for the battering bliss Fuck the Facts produce this is essential stuff. If listening to the likes of Iwrestledabearone or Coilguns is your satisfying flavours than Die Miserable will have you moist in no time.

RingMaster 08/12/2011

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