Wasted Sinners – Unleashed And Dangerous

Suffering from a lack of straight from the heart sleazy rock ‘n’ roll? Then fret no longer as UK rockers Wasted Sinners are here to fill the gap with their deeply infectious sounds and attitude derived from influences like Hanoi Rocks and Motley Crue. There is also a strong tinge of Guns ‘N’ Roses to the band’s music but not wanting to give any negativity (though I am sure the band will welcome the comparison) to what is an impressive debut mini-album from Wasted Sinners, that is the last we will mention them.

Unleashed And Dangerous is an extravaganza of honest and exuberant rock music with harder tones in all the right places. It riles up and excites with six tracks that show the strong and varied range of the band from out and out rockers to more defined melodic rock ballads, all destined to please and satisfy all classic and hard rock fans everywhere. To be fair the album does not explode with anything distinctly brand new to add to the genre but instead uses the band’s obvious influences to create a release that pulsates, throbs, and triggers off the juices.

London based Wasted Sinners began in 2008 when long time friends Dude Rock and Pete Sin, bass and drums respectively began rehearsing together. This inspired the realisation that they had to form a band as they began adding lyrics and melodies to their rhythms. After a while vocalist Roxx Hydi linked up and things began to really gel. After going through a few guitarists the talents of Gary Dainty (Dainty Rockstar) was found and added to put everything in place to start their quest to inspire the world with their rock sounds.  The end of 2009 saw the band record Unleashed And Dangerous with producer Bill Gautier and this December 12th sees the unveiling of its irrepressible and addictive sounds. The time between its recording and the album’s release was marked by the departure of Pete Sin in 2010 and his welcome return early this year to bring the original line-up back in force. With work already happening on new songs for imminent recordings Unleashed And Dangerous will pave the way for what one suspects is an unbridled wave of further enthused anticipation and following. 

If you are looking for ear bashing and senses pummelling sounds this is not the release for you, the songs from the opener  ‘Fakeness’ right through to the album’s last note, simply tease and toy with classic rock sounds to eagerly devour. With an added glam rock sensibility and hard rock power every song no matter its form of attack is an exceedingly rewarding experience. Starting on a rampant drum roll the track and its scorching guitars, leap into the ear with a stylish swagger matched by the great bragging tones of Hydi. It is also the first indication of the great throbbing bass from Dude Rock, his skilful lines and play even more prominent on the subsequent songs.

The great start to Unleashed And Dangerous is raised further by the direct and uncompromising ‘One Night’, uncompromising in the fact it just mercilessly leaps into and captures the ear then boastfully parades its trophy around on unrepentant contagious riffs and hypnotic concise guitar strikes. Two rock ballads ‘Questions’ and ‘I’m Fallin’ sandwich the release’s best track in ‘I Want More’, the first an emotive and powerful song that displays the certain writing skills of Wasted Sinners and the band’s ability to slow down their energy without losing its effect. The second of the two is a heavily G’N’R’ (damn that slipped out) flavoured song and maybe explains why though it is a strong and solid song it did not grab as deeply as the others.

As mentioned ‘I Want More’ is the standout song, though closely challenged by ‘One Night’. Making its presence known upon a glorious rumbling bassline soon followed by cutting chugging guitars the song is an instantaneous web of catchy hooks and anthemic chorus. It is the simplest song on offer but it is impossible to find any resistance to the melodic contagion it comes with.

Closing with ‘Drugs And Angels’ and its straightforward heartfelt blast of rock ‘n’ roll, Unleashed And Dangerous is a complete joy which the more one give it access to their ears the deeper it ingrains its charms, even to the point of waking with the chorus and basslines of its best track ringing around the head. There is only one thing to say, go check out Wasted Sinners, now!


RingMaster 29/11/2011

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