Underclass – Beat Your Fist

When earlier in the year Edinburgh based band Underclass released their debut single ‘Bruised Eyes/Sheep’, ears and eyes turned impressed in their direction. It was a release that leapt into the ear with emotive sounds and an eagerness to please without resorting to obvious melodic bribes or trickery. The question was did they have the skill and material to cement this new admiring focus upon their sound or would they be another to disappoint and bring a knowing nod of the head as the attention went elsewhere.

’Beat Your Fist’ is the quintet’s second single and once its mighty charms are unleashed December 2nd via Bainbridge Music, the answer will be known. Underclass has not only continued the impressive first impression but lifted it up a few notches with a rock song that is mighty musically and emotionally. Already becoming renowned for their dynamic live shows the band have confirmed with the two singles they can translate that into their recorded sounds, their well crafted music irrepressible and direct. 

Though the band formed in 2009, Underclass found a settled line-up in early 2010 with the combined talent of vocalist John Keenan, guitarist Mikey Robertson, bassist Sean Kelso, drummer Callum MacGillivray, and Kev O’Rourke on keys. Performing sell-out shows at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus and Bongo Club venues, plus acclaimed gigs at Manchester’s O2 Academy and London’s The Dublin Castle have thrust the band into the ever increasing view of more and more, every one of these and their constantly coming shows grabbing more fans. For those who have not had the pleasure of experiencing their live thrills there are the singles to feast upon, the biggest incentive to catch their shows of all.

Beat Your Fist’ is a vibrant electrified weave of sounds on the ear. Punchy rhythms alongside the crashing and cutting guitars strike from within the swirling keys of O’Rourke, giving a full atmospheric sound to back the earnest emotive tones of vocalist Keenan. The drums, bass and intensity pound at the ear to bring forth the oppressive threatening feel of the lyrical theme, countered by the frantic vocals and melodies giving the unsettling and passion filled elements bigger depth. The sound is consuming without being intrusive but alternately provokes thoughts and feelings. It has a raw edge that gives again a deeper emotive feel to the content and sound to leave one breathless once it leaves its last note resonating in the air.

With a slight Muse feel to it ’Beat Your Fist’ is an intense pulsating track that has limb to thought mesmerised and involved. Produced by Stephen Watkins at TAPE Studios where gems from the likes of Letters and My Tiny Robots have already proved more than pleasing, ’Beat Your Fist’ is an impressive pleasure with Underclass confirming they are a band to watch. 2012 is going to be a strong year musically and Underclass will be one making big sounds and thrills within it.

RingMaster 25/11/2011

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