Brutal Truth – End Time

As one expects with any release from New Yorkers Brutal Truth, sixth album End Time is a colossal chunk of unbridled brutality and vitriolic aggression. Consisting of 23 devastating and crushing onslaughts of grindcore noise, the release shows that the band has lost none of its venom and anger over the years and is still the bench mark for others intent on laying waste with powerful sonic intrusions.

Since its beginnings in 1990 Brutal Truth has been at the forefront of grindcore and hardcore music, leading the way with the likes of Napalm Death. Harsh and uncomfortable their music has always challenged the ear and thoughts with attitude and their skilful merciless aural assaults. End Time carries on their trademark sound and as ever the album is a test of stamina and the senses but ultimately once again a worthwhile and pleasing experience.

Again like previous albums for many End Time will at first appear just sheer noise and aggression, but go deeper beyond the assault and the band’s creativity and impressive ideas emerge as distinctly as their consuming attitude. It is not always easy to get past the shotgun intensity of each track as they blow apart the senses but the extra attention is as always pleasingly rewarding. Lyrically the band are as bitter and harsh as ever and in many ways have raised that aspect with more anger in the words of political and social commentary, accusations, and outright disgust at mankind’s imminent ‘collapse’. End Time takes things further and up a degree from their previous 2009 album Evolution Through Revolution and though maybe it does not bring many surprises there are no disappointments either, just one mass of aggressive intensity.  

The album strikes hard from the off with a nonstop blitz on the ear, the first five songs alone ripping flesh and probing deeply. Opener ‘Malice’, the frantic impressive shredding of ‘Simple Math’ and the swift and lethal ‘Fuck Cancer’ alone make investigation into the release a must. Add the likes of the best track on show ‘Celebratory Gunfire’ with its inspired guitar contortions and the groove lined ‘Lottery’ and evidence that Brutal Truth are still leaders of the game are cemented.

As with earlier albums the explosive intensity and abundance of tracks makes End Time an album that as a complete experience is testing and shorter excursions a more valid approach for many but that is the only negative that can really be levelled at the release. The quartet of vocalist Kevin Sharp, guitarist Erik Burke, bassist Dan Lilker, and drummer Richard Hoak create extremes that manipulate, challenge, and shatter the senses into a thousand pieces and songs like ‘All Work And No Play’ and ‘Butcher’ further proof of the wealth of quality the band possess and deliver.

End Time is impressive and ahead of most similar veined releases, though to be honest against Hoak’s own project Total Fucking Destruction and its recent album it labours a little. Overall though it is a great album and even though across 23 songs it blurs into a similarity nearing the end, taken as smaller bites it plays impressively and very agreeably, if at times painfully.

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