My Tiny Robots – Guild Of Defiants

From the first time the new single ‘Guild Of Defiants’ sparkles in the ear it is unmissable where My Tiny Robots come from. Revisiting and reinterpreting the Scottish quirky pop sound and inspired songwriting which first graced the world from the likes of Orange Juice, The Bluebells, and Josef K, the Edinburg quartet lead a new bunch of incisive and striking indie pop creators including bands like Letters and Miniature Dinosaurs. My Tiny Robots are flavoured more directly from the early Postcard sound adding it to their own uniqueness to create music and a single that is strongly emotive and engaging.

Guild Of Defiants’ is the first of three singles from the band to be released digitally and as a very special and limited physical edition via Woodthief Records. Following previous and acclaimed releases in their debut EP Some Of My Best Ideas and the follow up EP Rock Bossa Nova Four Beat Black, the foursome return with a song that captures the imagination with its carefully crafted melodies and uncluttered tight guitars. Along with their EP’s, the sharing of stages with the likes of The Maccabees , Jack Penate, and Minus The Bear has increased their standing and this new single will only reinforce and expand their status as one of the more exciting indie pop makers around.

From the opening jangly guitar and Edwyn Collins like vocals from guitarist Dylan Childs one knows what they are going to get, insightful and wonderfully crafted sounds, it is that apparent that quickly. Of course previous songs have also shown this but even to newcomers to My Tiny Robots their skill and intelligent touch is easy to see right away. Harmonised vocals with Childs and fellow guitarist Ryan Marinello ease the way for the song to make its way deeper into the heart guided by firm and patient rhythms from bassist Russell Williams and Gareth Anderson on drums. The song has an element of the Orange Juice track ‘Simply Thrilled Honey’ about it, clasping the slightly discordant melodies tightly to its chest. The added scuzzed guitar sounds as the song reaches its climax gives the track an extra edge and layer to seal a triumphant return and song.

It would be honest to say that the song is not ground breaking as such and does not deliver any striking surprises but what ‘Guild Of Defiants’ does do is make one feel warm and completely content with its charismatic touching melodies and heart stirring creativity far more than other singles released this year so far. A great pop song should do more and go deeper than simply gracing the ear, something My Tiny Robots instinctively have the ability to eagerly do.

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