Lonely Kamel – Dust Devil

Dust Devil the third album from Norwegian blues/stoner band Lonely Kamel is an imposing and thoroughly energising release. It has some of the deepest consuming sludge metal/ doom sounds within its dirty walls, igniting the passions with oppressive sounds and constantly gloriously heavy grooves that crawl all over the senses. The album is immense in all aspects to satisfy rock fans of all ages and from which ever direction they come at the release, whether as an eager stoner, sludger, hard rocker or blues enthusiast.

The Oslo quartet have released an album that is thick with muddy passion, overwhelming riff laden grooves, and treacle like melodies that stick to the senses to please long after the release has departed. Though not one track is laced with obvious hooks to ensure an instant attraction, the songs are ripe and vibrant with addictive and consuming elements that openly infect and pleasure. The sounds within Dust Devil are so intense and successful in taking the listener into the dirty, bluesy whiskey soaked world that is inspired by the tunes that one is almost brushing the dirt and dust off and breathing in the desert air.

There is a good varied mix to the album with a journey that starts in blues territory slipping into stoner rock then an intense sludge assault before reverting back to more blues veined rock sounds and all full of a good dose of classic rock inspiration for added taste. Initially there is the thought that maybe it should have been mixed up more in the positioning of songs but subsequent plays bring the realisation that doing so might have lessened the impact. As they sit there is a building up of intensity and effect that brings the listener to breathlessness by the last notes of the album.  

Opener ‘Grim Reefer’ sets the tone starting off with a blues crawl with great guitar from Lukas Paulsen and Thomas Brenna whose vocals drags one eagerly straight into the song and its emotion. The track erupts into a pacey slice of rock ‘n’ roll that feeds the heart fully. From here the sounds slip into desert/stoner rock with the wonderful ‘Evil Man’ conjuring up flashes of the likes of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and a little Red Fang but flavoured with the band’s own musty musical scent. The song is the standout track amongst a dozen excellent inspiring sounds.

Blues For The Dead’ brings a heavier feel with spices of southern rock to the fore. Like a fusion of Pantera, ZZ Top, and Orange Goblin the band deliver their blues deeply and satisfyingly. ‘Rotten Seed’ continues in the same vein though with a lighter touch that brings thoughts of Pearl Jam meets Eagles of Death Metal. In every song the bass of Stian Helle blesses the music but here he directs will skill and passion as the guitars play eagerly with varied attacks and the drums of Espen Nesset thrust perfect rhythms forward.

The slow grind and throaty bass of ‘Seventh Son’ and the psychedelic distortions of ‘The Prophet’ carry a thick swamp of sludge sounds. Welcomingly oppressive the two tracks take over every pore especially in the longer epic flow of ‘Seventh Son’. These are followed by ‘Ragnarörkr’ which carries on the tone but infuses it with a soulful and vibrant vein of hot guitar solos and strikes.

     Dust Devil slips back to the infectious stoner/grunge like energetic sounds with ‘Roadtrip with Lucifersounding like Soundgarden in a union with Mondo Generator and the blues rock with ‘Hard To Please’. The album ends just as strongly as it starts with everything in between of the most impressive and enjoyable level. First play and the album is a winner, repeat plays leads to emotional attachment.  Lonely Kamel has shown not only America produces exceptional stoner rock sounds, and with Dust Devil offer much much more.

RingMaster 07/11/2011

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