Doomed From Day One Interview

14th November saw the release of a titanic debut EP from Guildford metalers Doomed from Day One. The release announced to the UK and beyond the recording arrival of one of the most powerful, impressive and creative UK bands around so The RingMaster Review wanted to find out more about the band and their music.

Welcome to The Ringmaster Review and thank you for spending time to talk with us.

Could you introduce the band members?

We got vocalist Sean Scott, Charlie Griffiths and Charlie Frederick on guitar, our bassist Eifion Sweet and finally Jamie Elsey

How, when and where did Doomed From Day One begin?

In Feb 2010 Doomed From Day One started from a post on the student Portal at uni, Sean was brought in through knowing Jamie and Eifion was quite literally found at a house party.

Is the band the first for each of you?

All our members have been in bands for as long as we have been playing.

Your sound is a diverse blend of hardcore, progressive metal and death metal to simplify it. How would you class it and did it just evolve on its own or there was deliberate intent to go in this direction?

I think our sound came very naturally and to be honest, this was inevitable due to the mass variety of influences within DFDO.

You have recently released your impressive debut The Wasted World, did it come out exactly as you envisaged or surprised you a little with its quality?  

The Wasted World came out how we wanted and we are completely stoked on what the combination of the five of us produced.

How did the writing process happen, did you have clear songs going into the studio or they were realised within those four walls?

All songs were written and finished way before we even thought of heading to the studio, we like to take time over the writing of a release to enable full confidence before having to record them.

With both elements so strong within the songs which usually comes first a riff and aggressive energy or the melodic elements when writing?

We don’t tend to think of it in that way, like our sound it really is about what comes naturally.  I think that the aggressive energy is always present and it’s more whether we start with a riff or with melody.

How difficult was it to translate your renowned live energy to the recording?

The aim in the studio was create 30mins of music that was real heavy sounding but was able to still translate all the information that is contained within each song. We didn’t really set out to transfer the energy more hoped that it would just happen. The more you try to re-create something that normally comes as second nature the less it tends to work.

You recorded the EP with Andy Hayball at The Ranch, how much input did he have to the way the tracks turned out?

Andy was great in the studio and was good at putting in little things that weren’t initially present. One of his best traits was that he was able to keep us on time, in terms of keeping to the allotted schedule.

Is it too early to be talking about an album?

No not at all we have had and have been discussing the next release for a while, although it is not going to be an album but another EP. We have already written most of the tracks for it and cannot wait to get in the studio.

Coming from Guildford it is not exactly known as a hot bed of metal or giving opportunities for bands venue wise until recent years, how have you found it as a band starting out?

I would be lying if I were to say it has been easy. It’s not really a Metal kind of town but there are kids who come to shows and we have had a lot of help from contacts within ACM.

Since you started you have shared stages with the likes of Malefice, Martyr Defiled, Gallows, Silent Screams how much did you learn from those experiences that you have used for your current tour promoting the EP?

Really just making sure that our general attitudes are in check. Networking is key so we aim to chat to anyone who gives us the time of day.

How is the tour going?

Good, it’s been good to play new places as well as meeting some new bands along the way.

Give us some insight to your appearance at Guilfest this year.

It was pretty jokes to be honest, we all regularly attend festivals and so it was cool to be on the other side of the barrier for once.

If you could choose a line-up to play with tomorrow for a show who would be on the bill?

It would have to be the people we enjoy seeing the most but I think it would be different for all of us. As a whole though we would definitely agree on playing with The Black Dahlia Murder, Parkway Drive and Despised Icon.

How about influences, who has made the biggest impact on you as musicians and as a band?

Like I said with the previous question it would be different for all of us but unanimously once again The Black Dahlia Murder has had massive influence on all of us, as well as Parkway Drive. We learnt a lot from the work ethics featured in the PWD DVD and applied them to DFDO.

What is in the near future of Doomed From Day One?

More shows really, at the moment we are just pushing to play as much as we can. The video for Pretending will be released on 7/11/11 to tie in with the Wasted World Re-launch. The New Year will bring about more tours that are currently in the pipeline as well as looking ahead to the next release.

Many thanks for chatting with us. Could you leave us a final thought or comment to help all new bands?

Stay open-minded and don’t expect anything back that you’re not willing to give. Also thanks to anyone who has come to a show, read an article and bought some merch, your help is awesome.

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