ION VEIN – IV v 1.0

The years since the second album Reigning Memories from Chicago rockers ION VEIN have been long and within time came big changes to the band delaying new material until now. Now with the release of a three track EP IV v 1.0 as a free download in thanks for the patience and support of their fans during that time, the quartet has at the same time announced their powerful and impressive return with a trio of songs to inspire big anticipation for a third album amongst rock fans.

It was during writing for the third album that the music given strong impetus by the arrival of drummer Chuck White and returning bassist Brian Gordon, was emerging on a new and more aggressive, energetic and inspired level. This brought the realisation that vocally the songs needed a different approach and feel, leading to the unhappy decision to part ways with vocalist Russ Klimczak. The search for a replacement began for founder/guitarist Chris Lotesto, a search that was not easy or swift. In between Gordon also left due to professional differences to be replaced by Rob Such (Twelfth Gate/Syris) at the beginning of 2010. The vocalist issue was resolved when the band received an email from Scott Featherstone ( Enertia/Atticus USA) and Lotesto knew from hearing his work on Enertia tracks that he was their man.

Work began immediately on three demo tracks which would become the songs on IV v 1.0 to be finished in the studio with Grammy winning producer Neil Kernon (Nile, Nevermore,  Queensrÿche,  Redemption) as well as working on further material. September of this year saw the band partner  with Mortal Music to release their new music worldwide with IV v 1.0 the first release. In a statement from the band they said “It’s been a long, hard road, but the time has finally come for us to be able to release new ION VEIN music to the world, and we couldn’t be more excited!  We’re making our first DR(digital release) “IV v1.0” available to you for FREE for a limited time as a token of our appreciation for your continued patience and support.  We’ve been through quite a lot since the release of “Reigning Memories” in 2003, and the only thing that kept us going was the belief in the strength of the new material, so we hope you enjoy it…and remember to crank it loud! \m/”   

    The three songs will more than satisfy their fans with robust riffs, unrelenting energy and impressive melodies to feed all rock hearts. Opening song ‘Enough’  bursts in with crushing rhythms from White, throbbing basslines pulsating from Gordon (still in the band at the time of recording the songs) and guitars that are incisive and creative from Lotesto. All three combining the intense energy and flowing melodic play in a forceful and engaging encounter. Featherstone gives evidence of the worth of taking the time and effort in finding the right man for the band, like for many the recruitment of John Bush took Anthrax to a higher and more credible level Featherstone does the same with ION VEIN .

Love/Hate’ and ‘Anger Inside’ continue the strong  levels with rampaging riffs and pulse racing energy.  The first is on an even par with the opener maybe even edging it as strongest track on the EP but as both thoroughly entertain and feed the senses equally  it matters not which is best and to be honest it changes with each listen anyway. The latter of these two lacks a little of the spark of the others songs but arguably is even better crafted in the merging of power and melodies.

To return after so long is celebration time for their fans and to come back with this quality the inspiration of an even more enhanced anticipation for their full length return.

To get your free download of IV v 1.0 from ION VEIN go to

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