Interview with Louis Jucker of Kunz

The recent split EP release from members of German experimental metal band The Ocean in their side projects Coilguns and Kunz was a startling and intriguing powerful insight into different musical sides to the members. Kunz consisting of Luc Hess and Louis Jucker provided songs that were challenging and provoking, bristling creatures of trampling rhythms and distorted discordance. Inventive and intrusive they left a definite mark on the senses. The RingMaster Review had the chance to ask Louis about the band, EP and distinctive sounds of Kunz.  

Welcome and thank you for talking with us.

How long has Kunz been in the works as an idea or band?

Actually, even before we joined the ocean. We’ve been playing together in many bands before that, and jammed a lot too. We always had the idea to do something as a duo, but we really started officially in 2009 under the name KUNZ.

Your sound is extremely intense and caustic, how do you approach your song writing and are the songs as spontaneous as they appear?

A song always starts with a beat, that’s actually the only thing we use rehearsals for; to find new beats. Then I’ll work on some melodic ideas to sing on top of it, and finally we meet in the studio and
improvise a structure to it. Flush is the perfect example of this process; we had this riff, I had lyrics, we tried one take without a single idea of structure and that’s what you hear on the EP.

There is a very varied mix of flavours and sound to your songs once one burrows through the sonic attack especially a strong punk and hardcore one, what are your influences that has helped shape your sound?

Whoops. Hard to say, at the time we recorded these songs I was really into duos like One Day As A Lion, Lightning Bolt, Pneu. But our sound is not really reflected by these 4 songs on the EP, we have a lot of other songs on tape that are way more mellow, pop. What we unveiled for now is only the heaviest part of our sound, because it was supposed to fit with Coilguns.

Is the music from Kunz your natural and instinctive sound within you both that you have had to curtail somewhat for The Ocean or something you have created? Is it deliberation from or evolution of your musical journeys to date?

KUNZ is a more intimate project than The Ocean, and in many ways: we’re two, we’re new, we’re less exposed. So yeah, it’s more instinctive and direct, free somehow. I hope we’ll be able to put some KUNZ spirit in The Ocean!

Were the songs recorded at the same time as those you did for Coilgun?  

No, they were recorded a year before! We did two sessions, one in the summer in a big hall full of mics (flow, apnea), and another in winter in a small crappy studio (flush, what makes me sleep).

As with Coilguns did you record your tracks for the EP live as well?


There is seemingly plenty of venom and violence that bristles within the songs, are you unleashing personal demons or haha simply are angry men?

As I said that’s only the noisy/heavy part of our live set. KUNZ is not about violence, I’m sure. Flow is a peaceful song and is a relief to play usually. Check out the ukulele version if you don’t believe us.

Are there live shows in the near future for Kunz and if so who will you bring in if anyone to deliver your sounds?

We play only when we’re invited to. We don’t book shows ourselves. Nothing is announced yet, but we’re working on some new concepts for 2012. We don’t try to find the perfect FOH for us, we rather let technicians come up with their own ideas and method.

Any conflict or problem arisen yet from being part of three great bands?

Not at all. We’re thinking of playing together actually. Maybe some festivals in Europe… TBA

What is your vision for Kunz short term and long?

Publish all the tracks we’ve already recorded. Invite more people to play with us, play weird shows all around the planet. Record more, write more songs. You know, what bands do. Except I don’t want any routine in KUNZ, so obviously we’re not gonna sign with any big label and tour to promote albums we don’t get royalties for.

Can you envisage a time where projects like Kunz with its growing popularity will become a welcome but intense pressure on your time and lives with The Ocean?

Glps… hard to say. I hope we’ll be able to do both as long as possible.

Many thanks for giving us insight into Kunz and yourselves would you like to leave those new to the band which song should be their starting point on their discovery of your treasures?

Forget about one song that would explain it all – check instead our videoblog <>  : that’s all you wanna know about us.

Thx, Louis

Kunz spilt EP with Coilguns is available now via Pelagic Records

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