Miniature Dinosaurs – Alligator

From October 31st be aware as released that day there is a new single that will be snapping at your ears with an undeniable eagerness and intent. ‘Alligator’ is the latest addictive song from Scottish pop-rockers Miniature Dinosaurs and a single that reinforces an already firm and growing infatuation with a band that makes pop music that inspires and attracts, seemingly a rare thing right now.

Alligator’ released through Saraseto Records is a fan favourite at the Stirling quartet’s live shows, gigs that have gone just as far as their releases to garner a strong and growing swell of attention and form a vibrant fan base. Regarding the track vocalist and guitarist Barry MacLean commented “Alligator is a song that always goes down well at the live shows, which means two things; it is an obvious choice for a single, and we’re also having a lot of fun touring it around the UK. It’s a good introduction to the band for anyone who hasn’t heard of us before.”  The song is the perfect entry point to a band that creates songs with teasing hooks, soaring melodies, anthemic tendencies, and infectious fun. 

Support slots with the likes of Fenech Soler, Twin Atlantic and Johnny Foreigner as well as their previous single ‘Fight or Flight’ has won over their home territory and with shows in the foreign climes of England they are starting to do the same there, something ‘Alligator’ will increase upon tenfold. The single and the sound across all their other songs recalls in many ways the early Postcard Records days with elements of the melodic prowess of Orange Juice in their armoury as well as the discordant charms of Fire Engines and even more so the disarming/engaging quirkiness of Josef K, but all wrapped up in the harmonic and melodic skills a XTC would be proud of. The band do not sound like another post-punk pop band from the 80’s though, their vibrant sound and instinctive diverse ideas come from today and maybe a little of tomorrow.

Alligator’ throws in the anthemic element from the first note building into a pulsating fuzzy bass sound joined by hypnotic keys and Maclean’s distinctive and expressive vocals. The rhythms from bassist Alban Dickson and drummer Sam Waller push the song forward with hypnotic effect allowing the guitars of Maclean and Craig Ferrie to play with ease and mischief, Ferrie bringing keys that swoop and wind around the song as well.

The track has no pretence to it, the song is going to play with you and dance around your ear, the track showing its intent from the opening chord and not letting go until it parts the scene. This is indie pop at its best, no delusions of grandeur and no dreams of doing anything more than entertain, and that is why ‘Alligators’ is a big tune that will find mass appeal.

   Miniature Dinosaurs deserve your attention and they will make it worth your while once you give it.

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