Dawn Heist – Time Wave Zero

With formidable strength and expertise Sydney based electronic metalcore band Dawn Heist unleash their debut EP Time Wave Zero October 21st, a release that pulsates with impressive and eager sounds. Six tracks of unbridled power and well constructed songs all realised with a defiant aggression tempered with soaring and incisive melodies.

Formed in 2010 Dawn Heist took no time in winning people over with their intense and energised live shows including tours and support slots with the likes of Terror, The Haunted, Daysend , and Five Star Prison Cell.  Time Wave Zero is the result of their time in the studio with ARIA nominated producer Greg Stace, an EP that not only satisfies immensely but sets the band apart as a definite one to closely watch. Their metal/electronica blend is vibrant and at times mesmeric, the band finding a good balance between the two sides of their sound, the flowing electronic swells and atmospheric caresses easily slipping beside and within the hard and forceful mountainous riffs and direct attack. The quintet of vocalist Pat, drummer James, Bassist Zee, and the twin guitars of Lee and Ellis do not thrust forth their wall of noise as violently as for example The Browning but neither do they step back into the lighter tones of an Enter Shikari, the band find an instinctive and very enjoyable mid-point as they batter relentlessly whilst enflaming the imagination with their smoother caresses.   

The EP starts with ‘The Anesthetist’, its techno start misrepresenting the ferocity ahead though it does not take long before the band explodes into harsher realms. Musically it turns out the song is not their heaviest, it is quite a subdued track power wise though the aggressive and absorbing twin vocal attack of Pat carries enough venom and intensity on its own. He switches between guttural growls and smooth croons with plenty of sounds in between, effortlessly making a perfect match for the musical blend on display.

Where the opener and second song ‘Timewave Zero’ end and start is barely noticeable, their handover seamless though it does highlight the one aspect of the release that could be classed as a flaw, the similarity between tracks.  With many bands this is a negative BUT all the songs here are equally well thought out, engaging and pummelling it does not feel important that they carry a shared facade. This track pulsates with unrelenting staccato riffs and soothing, lively electronic sounds that in many ways should not work, but they do totally and very agreeably. The song has a heavier edge to its predecessor coming over with the feel of Fear Factory laced with a liberal dose of Linkin Park and Asking Alexandria, a mix that maybe sounds wrong but works wonderfully.

The bands first single ‘Nine Worlds’ is arguably the best track on the release though there is equality across all tracks to be fair, just this stands wilfully demanding attention and getting it. Again with a similar set up and sound from the previous song it beats its chest with a restive attitude, beating its message into the ear with striking riffs and rhythms.

The remaining three songs complete Timewave Zero with the same uncompromising attack and skilled melodic interplay. The rampant bullying riffs of ‘Loki’, the hypnotic harmonies of the big and another best track challenger ‘The Heretic’, plus the closing violent crescendo of ‘Scarecrow’ all dissect and play with the senses eagerly and thoroughly.

The exciting thing about Timewave Zero is not only the sounds within its walls but the promise and anticipation it ignites for future releases from the band. Dawn Heist is a young band that maybe has yet to find the finished identity for their sound but is already making music that improves any day and gives a new freshness to metalcore and metal in general.


RingMaster 17/10/2011

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