Human Sculpture – Our World/Torn Down

Though the year has not been lacking in releases that crush with internally searching intensity but it is hard to think of more than a handful that, as the debut EP from Finnish band Human Sculpture states, disassemble and rearrange the surroundings with such sure ability and power.  Many releases are a wall of noise or a rampaging assault of heaviness but with Our World/Torn Down the quintet from Järvenpää deliver their immense brutal sound with a deft melodic flow that at the same time enflames and wakes up the senses they are simultaneously pummelling.

Human Sculpture formed in the second half of 2010 with the coming together of vocalist Ville Mansikkaviita, guitarist Jussi Salolainen, plus Samu Pasanen and Jaakko Jaakkola, bass and drums respectively. The band line-up was completed with the addition of second guitarist Mikko Pylkkö spring of this year and from then swiftly moved into a studio to record Our World/Torn Down. The result a release that reanimates a few genres, with a sound graces the same waters as the likes of Decapitated, Black Dahlia Murder, and August Burns Red but with an added freshness of their own.  

As opening track ‘Deconstruction’ flexes its muscles and lays the fiercest of riffs and energy upon the ear the first thing apparent other than the devastation being unleashed, is the maturity to the songwriting and sound. Alongside the searing death/metalcore sounds the band infuses some of the most delicious hooks, grooves and addiction igniting melodies. These are not harmonies that are light and wispy but harsh, disconcerting ones that mesmerise with their urgency and innovation, as well as gravel lined ones from Mansikkaviita vocally. The track ripples and pulsates thrusting its rhythms eagerly into the ear as the guitars force their dark tentacles deeply. The all out bombardment from the band is impressive enough but once the ‘lighter’ play comes in the quintet simply excel.

Lyrically the songs are dark and seemingly ominous but there is a lining of something better infused into them, a hope if there is change. Like the sound the songs contents are imposing but tinged with lighter things. The second track on the release ‘The Wait’ is certainly imposing, though not as murderous as the first, its incessant inviting groove and scorching riffs carry an edge to be wary of.  The slower pace of the song shows the band’s creativity in a more open light, the power leaving windows for it to shine through and though the trio of songs clearly let all aspects of the song be found, here they are less hidden by the extensive wave of sound.

A Heart’ closes the EP emerging on a crawling pace, though nowhere near being dirge like, just compared to the other two it is a slower intent. As the track evolves with great invigorating guitars, and charging rhythms the tone take a plunge into deeper blacker waters to swamp the senses with an oppressive blanket of atmosphere and leaves on an energised burst of abuse. The song finishes off a trio of gratifying and thoroughly impressive tracks inspiring a lot of anticipation for their next effort and a little disappointment that only three songs are available here.

Human Sculpture could be the future of death metal some are saying, maybe even metal as a whole. Time will tell what is clear is that they are one of a new breed of bands that think about what they create and then deliver it with uniqueness and full control. Everything is carefully worked upon and brought forth with inspiring deliberation and stunning effect, Our World/Torn Down is the evidence, and Human Sculpture a very exciting prospect.

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