Johnny Get The Gun – Take It

This year has already been spoilt with the additive melodies and rock/pop punk of the likes of Top Buzzer, Innercity Pirates and Max Raptor, bands that infect with their incessant riffs, additive hooks and sing-a-long choruses, music that is a siren to the heart. Now we can add another band to this elite group of melodic puppeteers in the shape of Johnny Get The Gun.

Since their beginnings in 2007 the Essex quartet has been gathering in the acclaim, especially for their recently released self-titled mini album and an EP plus their energetic and impressive live shows. Now with their debut album planned for release early 2012, the band let loose their new single ‘Take It’ on 31st October, a release that leaps eagerly into the ear with anthemic ease and complete delight. Produced by John Mitchell (Enter Shikari, You Me At Six, Funeral For A Friend) the two tracks that make up the release are audio bliss working on the senses with tantalising sounds, both teasing with every absorbing and playful note.

Take It’ opens up with a throbbing bassline from Joe Williams, his resonating slaps alongside the firm beats of drummer Jamie Abela inviting the vocals of Wayne Lightowler to enter the fray. Lightowler’s vocals are emotive and urgent matching the energy of the track and lyrical content as the song raises its pace. Jack Lawson brings his crashing and frenetic guitars to build up the sound and energy before the song neatly slips into mellower moments when it manages to hold back its bounce and eagerness to play with the ear, this of course does not happen for long and soon the song explodes back with its enthused attack. One of those songs that it is impossible to not find oneself joining in with, the track and melodies play in the head long after the sound has finished.

The same applies to the other track making up the release ‘In The Middle’. Equally as engaging as its partner track it has a slightly more subdued attack but still intently pumped and anxious to please. The sound is a mix of Jimmy Eat World and Dommin, as much from the vocals as the sound though to be fair. It is pop punk at its finest, rock ‘n’ roll that is as satisfying as it is creative and energised. 

With a UK tour starting in Manchester on 21st October, their impending album and this immense single, Johnny Get The Gun are on the verge of making a deep and glorious mark on rock music in the UK and further afield. If music that flaunts its addictive melodic wares openly and wantonly in the ear is your flavour go investigate ‘Take It’ and Johnny Get The Gun at the earliest opportunity.

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