Lucky Thir13n – March Of The Young

With a fresh attitude and equally vibrant sound Lucky Thir13n step out from their homeland of Greece to release their debut album March Of The Young. The quartet from Thessaloniki have already won over their Greek fans with their classic/melodic hard rock sound earning impressive reviews for their EP Far From Home, unplugged radio show appearances, and their live shows and festival appearances. Now with March Of The Young the young band look to impress further afield and with deeper effect.

The music is firmly for fans of traditional and modern hard rock though there are moments that invite fans from other genres to take a listen. The album is bursting with strong melodies and harmonies and favoured catchy and engaging guitar hooks over thrusting and incessant riffs, though again there are parts where the band also employs a little force into their attack. The band consisting of Elias Elias (lead vocals, rhythm guitars), Nash (lead guitars), Alex “Tze” (bass), and Tsaky Dee (drums) sound confident in their ability and songwriting skills with the album giving no evidence to dispute that and though it is not without flaws many are down to personal taste on the type of the music they play rather than any actual ingredients within it.

For the hard rock fans tracks like the opener ‘Alibi’ with an intriguing orchestral like intro and strong guitars throughout, the inviting catchiness and firmness of ‘Feels Like Coming Home’, and the melodic hooks of ‘Get In My Way’ make a satisfying start to the album. Using classic sounds and hard rock flavours mixed with a modern feel they make a strong invitation to discover more.  

Admittedly if you are not really into the hard rock sound the songs might not trigger much more than an appreciative nod but ‘Rivers Run Dry’ is the first track to show a variation from other areas and another aspect to the band. Featuring the guest vocals of Invoker (Dimlight) the track hits immediately with a death metal like vocal and force before merging into a firmer and direct hard rock sound. For those with a penchant for harsher noises it is a very agreeable track and gives an extra intrigue to the band than maybe the previous songs.

That also applies to the other two standout tracks on the album in ‘Forever Free (March Of The Young)’ and ‘Yeah, I Want It’. Loaded with a pop punk/punk  essence and urgency, the songs are two striking slices of good lively rock ‘n’ roll and again suggest the band are stronger when bringing varied influences into their core sound.

There is the almost obligatory anthemic track in ‘R’n’R’ and features Vivian (Realiez) and DJ Space (S.M.A).  Often these easy songs are obvious, lazy and formulaic but Lucky Thir13n infuses theirs with a youthful fun that is hard not to take a shine to it.

Mastered by Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger) the album is clean with a production that lets the music and members reveal ability and passion. The one element that did not work as well as expected was the vocals of Elias. In the pacey parts and the group harmonies he flows very well and is strong but there is an inconsistency to his voice that shows in the slower and parts more focused on his delivery. It is not enough to drive one away from the release but there is room for improvement for sure.

March Of The Young is a good album that hard rock fans will certainly find lots to enjoy and get from, for those not so enamoured with the genre there are a few tracks to make it worth an investigation but not really anything to fully convert them to the bands rock sound. The album also shows and suggests great promise for the future sounds of Lucky Thir13n and for the bands rise in popularity.

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