Red Enemy – What We Are Contained In Is What We Are

Like a pneumatic drill the new EP from Irish metalers Red Enemy hits hard. Imposing and formidable it lays waste to ears, senses and any other parts it can infiltrate and violate. With a relentless intent and intensity the five track release once it explodes into action 10th October in the UK should confirm the falsehood in and removal of the unofficial tagline of Red Enemy being “Ireland’s best kept secret”, as after the quality of their previous debut EP Outsiders and now their follow up What We Are Contained In Is What We Are the band will surely be on the lips and in the ears of an ever increasing multitude of fans in the UK and beyond, as well as coming under an avalanche of critical praise.

Forming in 2008 the Dublin based quintet has firmly established themselves within Irish metal, building an ardent and strong fan base for their crushing mix of metalcore, hardcore and technical metal. They are a band that cannot be pigeonholed, their mighty sound bringing in flavours from various sources that compliment and complete their vision of loud and forceful metal. Shows with the likes of Canada’s Despised Icon, Australians Parkway Drive, and the UK talents of Attack! Attack! and Tesseract amongst others has given notice of and established the bands reputation for, an impressive live power and skill. Now with What We Are Contained In Is What We Are that fact has been passed to their recorded sound as well.  

The EP explodes into action with ‘Where We Call Home’. The track is a brutal surge of riveting and incisive riffs, pummelling drums, and guttural growls that go beyond primal at times. As well as being the perfect opener to the EP it is probably the best track too though all songs attack with and bring an equal skill, threatening intensity, and driven passion and desire. The band is sure in their intent and confident in their ability to deliver and the opener is the proof that Red Enemy are primed to make deep inroads into the hearts of metal fans. The pulsating throbbing bass of Jay Doyle and the incessant and intrusive drumming of Daniel Lang make the track essential alone but with the added bite of vocalist Kevin Letford stretching his bile lined delivery to the limit the song is a marker for the band that will make more and more take notice.

Betrayal’ is another savage attack on the senses and strongly brought forth, but despite its power, more devastating riffs, and notable creativity it is less memorable placed between the striking opener and the third song ‘Prodigal Son’. Having declared ‘Where We Call Home’ the best track on the EP ‘Prodigal Son’ is equally as impressive and shows the strength of the release already. It stand tall with ominously imposing drums supporting yet more essential riffing and an enthused sludge tinged attack. This is then tempered and enhanced by a lighter melodic guitar grind groove showing whether with determined destruction or thoughtful coaxing of the senses, guitarists Robert Powderly and Conor Dockery are impressive and accomplished.

Of course aggression is favoured predominantly as the last two tracks ‘No One Will Remember Our Names’ and ‘Wolves’ show to fine effect. The first brings an incessant and controlled intrusion that is irresistible and with a sparse almost discordant melodic play mixed in, the track treats the ear to a varied and flowing assault. ‘Wolves’ returns to an all out ferocious face melting assault, smashing down walls of any fragile sanity, eating away with riffs and energy that makes the word ‘intense’ lightweight.

What We Are Contained In Is What We Are is as impressive as it is powerful and announces Red Enemy as a real and strong force within Irish and European metal.

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