Allele – Next To Parallel

Though it is fair to say Jacksonville, Florida rock band Allele (pronounced Uh-Leel) come from a pool of sound that has spawned many similar sounding contemporaries there is certainly a freshness and vibrancy about the band that raises them above and sets an individual marker down against most others. With their new album Next To Parallel the band bring a passion and vitality that many rock releases and bands seem to lack with consistency and though there is still that kind of similarity across the thirteen tracks with other bands it also gives a familiarity that brings an instant intimacy in the bands favour.

The band was formed in 2002 by vocalist Wally Wood and ex-Otep guitarist Lane Maverick releasing their debut album Point of Origin in 2005. The following year saw the band contribute the track ‘Stitches’ to the THQ video game ‘WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007’ as well as being featured in trailers and promos for the TV Stephen King anthology series, ‘Nightmares and Dreamscapes’. Began in 2010, Next To Parallel is set to take the band and their music deep into the hearts of hard rock fans far and wide and to set Allele to the fore of the genre.

As the album plays the band deliver songs from the same field as the likes of Three Days Grace, Slaves To Gravity, Sick Puppies, Nonpoint, Saliva ……but there is something inspiring about their music that elevates them from just another band with the same sound basis. Certainly they instil a connection with the listener that goes beyond the ear with emotive sounds and lyrics that grab deeply and firmly.

Let It Go ‘opens up the release, its winding and building pulse erupting into great vocal control and delivery from Wood and striking guitar play over eager rhythms. Though not a track that lets loose with a vengeance it is still powerful and forthright making a strong opening to the album, a strength that continues through the next track ‘Closure’ and beyond. This track has a personal feel, something common to most songs on the release. The tracks across the board seemingly close in a personal way if not to its creator to the listener, or someone they know. This is another reason their sound connects to the listener, Allele write and bring to reality with their music things that all have felt or been affected by in some way, things one can relate to whether personally or through the world’s current turmoil. 

Amongst the abundance of great tracks are those that stand out that little more like the two tracks fuelled with a harder edged aggression in ‘Feed The Wolves’ and the harsh attitude of ‘ Stay Down’. The band can lay down intense riffs and sonic sounds just as easily as the melodic and infectious hooks, and with these two combine both instinctively. ‘Answers’, ‘Hurt ‘, and the impressive title track are equally noteworthy as the album is as a whole. More melodic and measured in a way they still carry an intensity that is felt effectively.

Next To Parallel is thoroughly enjoyable and if it does not attempt to break down any doors into new originality and directions, it without doubt brings to the ear music that satisfies and entertains with more accomplishment and passion than most other bands treading the same musical road.  Allele have and give everything one would want in a band, mesmerising melodies, highly charged riffs and senses touching emotions wrapped up in gratifying rock music.

Next To Parallel is available now on Goomba Music; make it a stop on your musical journey this year.

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