Hated Embrace – Suffering of the Holy

New Jersey band Hated Embrace are another in a ever lengthening list of bands influenced by and reviving the dark corrupted old school form of death metal, recalling and revitalising a genre to transport the listener back 20 years to the beginnings of the venom dripping beast. Their impressive thrash lined death metal with a tinge of black has led them to a recent signing with FDA Rekotz and plans for their debut full length album next year. In the meantime in ‘celebration’ and as a warm up to their intended future recording the label is releasing the band’s professional Demo Music cassette Suffering Of The Holy on September 23rd. Held to a limited 150 hand numbered copies the cassette consists of 5 songs over 20 minutes and is a strong indication of what next year’s release will bring forth as well as what will prove to be a highly sought after item.

Hated Embrace formed around 2008 building a strong reputation with their sound and shows with the likes of Carnal, Ominous, Gorematory, Mortum and many more. Suffering of the Holy was released by the band in 2010 before the current line-up of Akash Chatterjee (vocals/bass), Joe McAndrew (guitars), Dave Hewson (guitars), and Ryan Donato (drums) but does feature most of the quartet. Though limited, the release by FDA Rekotz does open up their sound so many more upon hearing it will undoubtedly leap to join their swiftly growing fan base.

The tracks that make up Suffering of the Holy demand attention with pummelling drums that are forceful without going at break neck speed like on many releases elsewhere. There is a good control and frame work to each track because of this allowing the guitars and bass to have a fluency and a freedom to create sounds that are not particularly elaborate or original but certainly are well worked and presented.

Moloch…The Devourer’ starts off the release strongly showing Hated Embrace are a band on the march. Laden with powerful riffs and dynamic guitar play it is an instant and satisfying welcome to the band and their sound. It is also the best track on the release though firmly pushed all the way by the likes of title track ‘Suffering of the Holy’ and ‘Remains of…’, the first bringing excellent dark threatening melodies and the latter a doom layered blend of pace, thrust and intensity. Throughout the vocals of Chatterjee poke the fire of hell with his rasping, low groans, though they are not as guttural as many other vocalists in the genre they effectively portray the dark menacing lyrical themes.

The final track ‘Rotting of Remorse’ is taken from a rehearsal by the band and as such is of poorer recording quality to the other tracks but does more than enough to ensure anticipation of hearing a properly produced version of the song, hopefully on next year’s pending release.

Bringing a sense of bands like Nihilist and Autopsy Suffering of the Holy is a definite must listen to all fans of old school death metal and though a limited release they should waste no time in trying for a copy or at least searching the internet for Hated Embrace tracks to listen to. The indication is that their forth coming debut album will be one that will get more than a few excited.

For info about Suffering of the Holy go to http://www.fda-rekotz.com/

RingMaster 09/09/2011

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