Enormicon – Storm Of Swords

Texas trio Enormicon state on their bios that they play “stoner metal, psychedelic metal, metal metal, we don’t know what to call this shit. Just listen”. In actuality they bring flavours from all of those and more, they are basically a very fine rock band creating music that instigates attention without restrictions or demands, well apart from “just listen”. Their sound runs on big riffs, impressive tumbling rhythms, and fusions of varied melodic and challenging structures that never venture into the expected or banal, it just does the business of entertaining with great satisfaction.

The Denton/Dallas based threesome of guitarist/vocalist Clayton “The Abomination” Davis, bassist Joe “Humongor” Rosenthal, and drummer Dave “Merciless Overlord of Rhythm” Slaughter formed in the summer of 2008. Storm Of Swords is their self released six track album themed by the warlike and brutal legends and imagery of Gargantua, an inconceivable fantastical primordial dimension, uncovered by Clay within a leather bound bible belonging to his late great-grandfather. For the whole of this ‘tale’ go search the web or the CD itself as it would take more space than this review allows to expand upon but it is as wild and as intriguing as the great sounds the release presents. 

Slaghammer’ opens up the album and instantly brings thoughts and references to other varied bands going some way to describe the Enormicon sound. The track’s deep dark basslines and striking riffs over a firm and uncomplicated rhythm bring obvious reminders of Mastodon especially when Clay’s voice joins the fray. As the track evolves and the bass resonates thickly against the sonic scuzzy tones that appear, thoughts of the likes of Dead Child appear with their darker heavier touch, all of this though is wrapped in the intense flavour that is Enormicon’s.

Following tracks like ‘Pray For Death’ and ‘Dark Forces’ are more involved and varied within their sounds then the opener but just as forceful and attention grabbing in their own way. Touches of Red Fang and The Sword make an appearance showing the diverse aspects to the trio’s songwriting and music. Lyrically too the songs abduct the concentration, enthralling the mind as the stories unfold and legends are told.

The Gargantuan’, ‘Brotherhood Of The Plague’, and ‘Fury’ complete the package all bringing again something different to what came before but all under the same impressive groove loaded heavy riffs and atmosphere that is the bands earthy mark. The instinctive unity of the band together and the ease the songs play upon the ear without resorting to obvious well used hooks and riff lures makes Storm Of Swords well worth 30 minutes of anyone’s time and an album that can be returned to over and over again with equal pleasure.

It would be true to say Enormicon have yet to find their own unique sound and that Storm Of Swords carries too many reminders of other artists to reach a level that leaves the listener opened mouth in awe but the fact is also that the release is more than enjoyable, satisfying and better than most of the releases that has passed our way this year.


RingMaster 09/09/2011

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